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Just a quiet evening with my delicious Fitbit


Well I got one. I didn't rrrreally want one of I'm honest but the hubby pestered me. And I must say I'm totally obsessed. That little flick of the wrist to show the time. Checking hope fast my heart is going. The step checking....the magnificence of it actually knowing that I've gone up stairs. I can't wait to go to bed this morning (I work nights) so it can tell me afterwards that I fell asleep.

I might be hysterical because I'm so tired but actually I think I'm in love with my little plum coloured wristband.

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Ha ha. I wore a normal watch the other day and caught myself swiping the screen to see how many steps I'd done. 😎

Haha I love my Fitbit too!! It took me a while to get into it but now I do 10k steps most days easily thanks to it 😀

Ladybowhunter1 in reply to bemma

How do u get the steps in?

bemma in reply to Ladybowhunter1

I have 2 kids, don't work, drive to school lol so I'm not sure! I think it helped me to stop driving from school to Tesco which was about. 2 min drive so shocking that I used to do that! Walk to school sometimes which I never used to do. I'm doing couch 2 5k 3times a week. I just got the bug and upped my steps and now it doesn't feel like a chore anymore! 😊 It helps to have friends with fitbit's to walk with or challenge you through the week/weekend too!! Xx

JayneHarrison in reply to bemma

Did you mean to say you do not do paid work outside the home? :). With two children and a home to look after I think you probably work very hard!

bemma in reply to JayneHarrison

Haha thank you Jayne, that's exactly what I meant 😉 x

Yep you can get a bit obsessed, but that can't be a bad thing!

Who else marches round their lounge so they can get their next badge😳?

Itsbab4 stone in reply to Prin

I do! the lounge, kitchen, hallway with dogs running after me thinking I have lost it!🐕 Maybe they know something I don't, still it's good to know I am not the only eccentric one around.😱

bigbumtoo in reply to Prin

Haha! I was stomping up and down the ward at work like a maniac

Itsbab4 stone in reply to bigbumtoo

Oh watch it ! You will have the patients thinking they are in Colditz "There is no escape from this place" Glad you love the fit bit though good thinking on your husbands part.

Hidden1 stone in reply to Prin

Yep marching and dancing in the lounge plus marching in the bathroom whilst brushing my teeth :D :D

I know next to nothing about these "fit bits " are they easy to set up ,,,,or do they come already to just put on your wrist ,,,,and are they expensive ,and which are the best,?

Thanks in advance of any replies ,🛀

I would like to know a bit more about these too please I'm thinking of getting one don't know which one tho thank you X

Nanny1086 and paulapips64 I got the charge hr for about 100. There's an app you can download onto your phone and it links up to my fitness pal. To see what steps etc you just either tap the little screen or click the button on the side. Easy peasy. If you search which fitbit on Google they will tell you the differences between the fit bits x

Thank you I will do some research xx

Itsbab4 stone

I too loooove my fit bit, getting even more obsessed with checking it during the day especially the sleep aspect as I am a poor sleeper. Good luck glad it is motivating you.👍😊


Hehe 😂 Thus really made me smile 😊 I'm hoping to get one soon so will be interested how you get on 😊 Sleep well

GottodothisHealthy BMI

Hi Bigbumtoo,

Are they easy to set up?

Is it the heart monitor one which when doing cardio can work it out?

How much did it cost?

I'am thinking of getting one but unsure.



Hey lovely. This one was about 100 and it continuously monitors your heart rate. It looks like mine reads it pretty well. I checked on our machines at work and manually and it was pretty good.

Very very easy to set up. You can also link it to your Facebook friends etc who also use fitbit and they can then taunt you about your lack of steps etc or congratulate you on your fabulous stepping xxx

Id love to buy one can you recommend a brand and where best to get own from.I have tried the pedometer loads of time and its not accurate and a pest as it keeps falling off

I went with the actual fitbit. But you can get simple pedometers from ebay for a couple of quid. It depends what you want it to do etc xxx

Its fantastic isn't it? I've had mine 8 months now and I still love checking my steps! :) and if I don't do over 20,000 steps I'm gutted and out i go to do some more!

To those asking about fitbits...

I have the Flex Fitbits. Its mid range price. The more expensive ones monitor your heart rate and floors climbed. Mine does steps, calories burned, miles covered, active minutes, active hours and records sleep as well as food and water intake.

You need a smart phone or tablet to download the app but basically you charge it and put it on your wrist. The fitbit then talks to the app so you can check everything. Its very quick and simple! Well worth the money in my mind.

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Osiris275

Thank you Osiris275

They have them in Tesco and you can use your vouchers . . . I'm going to have a look . . . I need a new watch anyway 😊 Just need to decide what colour . . . ❤️💜💚💛

You should know only the more expensive models have a watch. The flex doesn't.

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Osiris275

Oh, thank you, didn't realise that! Am going to look at my friends, she got one last week 😊

I don't find that I need a watch personally because I always have my phone handy. But of you're wanting g a watch too the flex one isn't for you. But the others with a watch were £100 or more and I was like, nope. Don't need a watch that bad!

Hidden1 stone

You're in excellent company lol!! I love mine and had it since last September. I have been know to march on the spot whilst watching the telly :D :D

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Hidden

Yup! I do that! I was also advised to go up and downstairs in the adverts!! Lol 😂


Morgancando1st 7lbs

Sounds great. I so want one. Do you mind telling me how much it was, please. X

Mine was 100 honey xxx

Morgancando1st 7lbs in reply to bigbumtoo

Thanks for that.

Mine was £44 in the black Friday deals. Usually £60 on amazon.

Prin in reply to Morgancando

The one I have is the 100 one it was a bit cheaper in the January fitness frenzy, I wear a watch so this has replaced that, and it also does heart rate most other things you have to wear a strap for heart rate. Well worth the outlay, I got mine with vouchers I had been given from work. It just makes me do a bit more....I love you get a badge for every 5,000 steps each day👏🏾👏🏾


Tesco have fitbit flex £59,99 😊

Morgancando1st 7lbs in reply to IndigoBlue61

Thank you. Tesco here I come!

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