Daily pledge Wednesday

Well today didn't go exactly to plan!

I ended up 100kcals over my allowance (could be worse!) and I didn't unload the car, but I did make myself a fruit salad which I have no doubt helped me stay on track and snack healthy! I even had to turn around as I was about to leave the house this morning to go back and make it, and then, I had to turn around when I got to work to go and fetch it from my kitchen - doh! But, hey, got to give me credit for commitment to the fruit!

The parts which didn't go to plan, were those parts I didn't really plan... So for tomorrow, and tomorrow only, I pledge to:

-. Stick to 1600kcals

- Plan my meals and snacks now for tomorrow

- Walk to work and back

Anyone else have a pledge or two for tomorrow? How did people get on today?


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14 Replies

  • I was well behaved through the night. I had a punnet of cherries and 1 singular sugar snap pea. They tasted too green for me.

    However before work I had one of those currys for 2 that come in a box from tesco. Shared with hubs of course but still over 1k calories!!! Zoinks! I will be having crab pasta today so I think that won't be quite as bad.

    I will be sleeping through the day but tomorrow night I pledge to remain on the fruit.

    Well done you on only going over by 100....and bigger well done for the fruit factor!

  • Gosh I wouldn't have imagined they'd be that high in kcals! Crab pasta sounds great, do you cook it yourself?

    Hope you have a good sleep and a good night tonight, with plenty of fruit!

  • Well done on the fruit salad!!!!

    I was also headn out the door yesterday for work with no lunch...which would mean I would have something bad!!! So i did a turn around also and made a ham salad wrap!!

  • Go us!!

  • I'm also potentially disorganised re my lunch today. But if I quickly boil an egg, then an egg mayo bagel can be put together. Grab a couple of cherry tomatoes and some fruit from the shop on my way in, and I'll be sorted. So my pledges:

    boil egg

    halve a bagel

    measure 15g mayo into small pot

    buy 2 cherry tomatoes, a banana and an apple

    put this all together in the form of a lunch at work

    Thanks for the motivation to make sure I have a healthy lunch, actually looking forward to it now! Happy Wednesday :)

  • That sounds super! I know you've been losing weight for a while and now maintaining I think? You seem to have had enough practice at to be straight away thinking how you can have a healthy lunch having not planned it until last minute. Good for you 😀 Not planning is definitely a downfall of mine, I don't yet have in my head those quick solutions.

  • I still don't always manage it though, it's a very long learning curve!

  • I have nt really been counting calories. I have plateaued now at 13 9 and want to reach 12 7 . I worked out I was only on about 900 cals a day I think You're right I need to work out how many cals I will eat to bring it up to about 1900 in advance. I am still not drinking beer and wine and going on holiday next Wednrsdsy. Will eat healthy and exercise hoping to swim lots. Out for a Chinese meal tonight so need to think what to order any suggestions?

  • Wow 900 a day is really low. You should be able to eat much more than that and still lose. Chinese is tricky isn't it - i suppose avoiding the deep fried starters, anything battered, and going with plain rice rather than egg fried! Good luck!

  • I was eating healthily weetabix fruit for lunch lean meat salad or vegetable and new potatoes and fruit for dinner just not enough calories when I tried to count them up! Them it wacky scoring much. Will try for stir fry or steamed vegetables tonight thanks for your response

  • Your body has probably gone into starvation mode on 900. Weren't you starving lol?

    Have you checked how many calories you're allowed? Is it 1900?

    Can you look at the restaurant's menu online and work out what you can eat that will stick within your allowance?

    Enjoy your meal! 😊

  • Yes I need to do things properly I was eating lots of healthy things but not enough calories I need to prepare properly you're right it's weighing out etc I as hoping to avoid. I felt fine and ignore the hunger pangs thinking it was doing me good! Thanks for your support

  • You're welcome 👍

  • So, meals planned for the day and breakfast as planned. Lunch packed. Healthy snacks next, then a brisk walk into the office! Enjoy your day everyone 😀

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