A new week

Hello everyone I'm feeling very positive after receiving great replies and reading other people's tips Its great to not struggle alone I have a hip problem at the moment just waiting for my MRI results but not able to exercise so it's very hard and so easy to nibble to cheer myself up Today I'm starting my food diary and I have only myself to blame if I'm not good Hope you all have a good week and love to all those who are going through tough times along with trying to lose weight


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  • Hi Cat33,

    I hope you enjoy using your food diary, it's definitely a good way to cope - and I hope you get your MRI results soon.

    Wishing you a great day and enjoy the week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you I've been in really bad pain for 6 weeks now and it has really pulled me down as I can't do much I always did a 30 mins daily walk and I love gardening So being stuck indoors not having much to do it's been all too easy to get yet another cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit or two

    Im so glad to be part of this forum it's going to really spur me on


  • Well done on making a start, which, in my opinion, is the most difficult bit!! Lol πŸ˜•

    I hope the scan doesn't pick up anything nasty, being unable to exercise caused me to gain weight and affected my mental well being πŸ˜• I hope you are soon on the mend 😊 Good luck!

  • Thank you Anna its been 7 weeks now and yes it has affected my mental well-being a bit I have lots of lovely people who are keeping my spirits up but it's hard somedays Eating something to cheer me up is all too easy I'm hoping once I know what it is and what I will have in way of treatment will help me feel more optimistic and hopefully I can get back to walking and my gardening soon

    I hope you are doing ok


  • I have been doing great since August last year, but had a difficult couple of weeks with a bad back πŸ˜• It's a cliche I know, but good health is really all that matters!! The pain is much reduced now so I can walk short distances, I'm just waiting for hospital referral . . . Sigh! You know what that feels like πŸ˜•

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday 😊

  • Oh gosh sounds like we are in the same boat I so agree health is all that matters My daughter in law bought me tickets to Hampton Court flower show for my birthday present in May I was so looking forward to it we went yesterday but had to use my wheelchair I have for when my arthritis is bad I would so loved to have walked round Still I saw loads of people in wheelchairs who probably won't walk again so have to count my blessings Have been good with my eating today and determined to do it I did lose quite a bit the last few years but seemed to have come to a stop now I hope your referral comes through quickly and you get better very soon We can compare notes in our walks then lol


  • I was where you are now a year ago, have come a long way since then 😊 and so will you 😊 Best wishes

  • Thank you Anna its great to hear your words have a good week


  • I can understand exactly how you are feeling.

    I had a foot op in March and spent a couple of months on the settee and then a few weeks on crutches.

    Mentally I was so despondent and felt like my life would never be the same again. All I seemed to do was eat. I wished I'd kept a diary of my food intake, I might have realised how much I was actually eating.

    I'm now able to walk and can get out to do some gardening.

    hope you are on the mend soon and try to keep your mind occupied

    Take care

  • Thank you for your reply I will definitely keep a diary it will shock me into eating sensibly I'm sure Glad you are all ok now and enjoying your garden I know what you you mean that you felt life would never be the same its exactly how I feel I'm watching a lot of tv reading knitting doing puzzles I'm glad it's not winter time as the sunny weather does help although it's really hard not being able to do any gardening Got our sons cocker spaniel staying for the week so that's a joy although our cat isnt so thrilled Have a good week


  • Don't worry about those weeds in your garden, I called mine the wildlife patch. You'll soon sort it out when you are back on your feet.

    Sounds like you are being very positive which is better than any medicine.

    Enjoy the sunshine.


  • Thanks My husband luckily is a gardener too so he's keeping it all great until I can get back to it I have to supervise of course ha ha

    Yes trying to be positive I have odd times during the week when I'm here alone when I get a bit low I'm a volunteer in a school and I'm missing it so much

    Still when I get well and go back I'll hopefully be a bit thinner !!

    You enjoy the sunshine too

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