Spending a few days visiting my son in Penarth , Wales. Have spent a lovely morning shopping and am trying very hard to eat sensibly although it is not possible to calorie count at the moment. One major victory is that so far I have resisted the temptation of bara brith which I adore. However I would not suggest anyone lays a bet on how long that will last!


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  • I love Wales, have a lovely time! Could someone else order it and you just have a bit of theirs to satisfy your craving?

  • Good idea ,caz28, but It would be a real test of my willpower. I'll see how it goes with the rest of my eating as , unfortunately for me my son is a very good cook!

  • If you stumble just make a deal with yourself that you will not finish something.

    Stop at the second or 3rd last bite and throw the rest away. You might be surprised how good you will feel even though you had a little bad :)

  • Good idea. Thanks!

  • Hope you having a nice time in Penarth. Lovely place - my in-laws live not far from there and we often park up in the top car park and walk down to the pier and back. :)

  • Ah yes we like that walk too, when we visit my stepdaughter and grandaughter who live in Penarth

  • Thank you, muffintop, I am thoroughly enjoying the quality time with my son as I only see him twice a year. The weather today has been glorious and we spent an enjoyable and interesting morning at Cosmeston Medieval village. As I am doing a lot of walking in spite of my dodgy hip I am hoping that will go some way towards compensating for my excesses in other areas! Btw isn't Penarth pier fabulous since its refurbishment?🙂

  • Just reading some old posts and yours caught my eye about Penarth. My stepdaughter and little grandaughter live there and often when we visit we take a walk down through the park and along the pier ...but I haven't heard of Cosmeston medieval village so we must give that a try sometime .

  • It's very interesting and gives you a peek into the past. They have audio guides supposedly narrated by villagers and you get lots of information about life at the time. Would have attached a pic of part of it but can't see how to do it for a reply!☹️

  • Bara Brith is a tea bread so it is one of the better sweet treats. No butter though!!!

  • With or without butter I love it!

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