very sad

I know we do not get political here, but I have to say how sad I am today. I live in Texas and last night 12 of our police officers were shot in Dallas Texas. 5 did not make it. I am so scared as this is very close to home. again, I am sorry to post this here but I consider ya'll my friends and if you are praying folks I would appreciate all your prayers. thanks katy


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15 Replies

  • that's awful, so tragic for their families. I don't know any details as I haven't seen any news bulletins today. Take care and be safe x

  • thank you, I am almost as sad as 9/11

  • We feel for the families, our son is a police officer here in the UK and I know that all of their thoughts will be with the officers there in Dallas.

  • Terrible news. Very sad and makes it more scary when it is so close to your home katy6860. Thoughts are with you all x

  • Hi Katy,

    Just watching it on bbc news. How awful, so sad for everyone. Stay sa

  • Hi Katy6860 my thoughts are with all the people of Dallas Texas and with the poor relatives of those fallen police officers. My son is a police officer here in the uk and sometimes I wish he had a different job he has been attacked already but is ok. For every evil person in this world there are hundreds of beautiful, lovely people whose thoughts will be with the people of Texas. 💝

  • I'm so sorry to hear this my prayers are definitely with you xxx rosie

  • So sorry to hear the terribly sad news 😔 my thoughts and prayers are with you and all the people and families involved 😇 take care and be safe x

  • thank you to all for the thoughts and prayers, they are greatly appreciated. I fear for our own police but the town I live in is luckily not as large as Dallas.

  • Thinking of you all and sending lots of love.

    My sister also lives in Dallas. We are all connected and should not be hurting each other. Have a gentle weekend. The antidote to all this aggression and anger is kindness and compassion.

  • I don't agree with killing people in retaliation, but have you seen what some of the police have been doing to people? They are using their power to go overboard and bully people.

    One guy suffocated to death for selling cigarettes on the street, another teenager tasered so much until he had brain damage and most recently a guy was shot after being pulled over for having a faulty tail light. When he reached for his ID, the officer shot him as he thought he was reaching for a gun.

    I can give you many other examples of police officers lying and caught on camera lying too!

    You need to look at the bigger picture - people want something done and unfortunately the government never seems to take notice until a larger atrocity occurs. Hopefully NOW they will take notice 😡

  • I agree that some of the police have taken things way too far. my husband says if they are that afraid of people that they have to shoot them before they know what is going on, they should find a different job.

  • Its absolutely shocking and the hatred and violence this might stir up is awful to think about.

    I can only hope someone somewhere will finally see reason and do something about this.

  • Well said 👍

    It is so sad, because innocent people have lost their lives because of the outrageous behaviour of the minority in the police force.

  • Not the right forum but were all human How one can kill another is beyond Me another sad day For the USA we in The Uk have heavy hearts for what you guys are going through right now it seems not a week goes by without several being shot, we hope and prey that you can all move on in peace and without predudice, ,,,so maybe people like trump need a wide birth

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