Friday weigh in

Last week 12.5st, this week 12.6st. Well it was a big loss last week so to be expected. On the plus side, all of my clothes are too big for me and I have just changed my Bridget Jones pants to some much smaller style which now don't roll down my tummy which thankfully is much flatter. So all is positive. I hope everyone else's week is going well ☺


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5 Replies

  • Hi Juliet,

    Great to hear that all your clothes are too big for you!!! Flatter tummy too! Those are all great positives showing the progress you've been making, and I know you had a larger loss on the scales last week, so this week's 1 pound gain is understandable, and should soon be off again.

    My week is going ok so far - I think! I've had a couple of meals out though, so I don't really know what the outcome will be on Monday for the weigh-in, but I'm hoping to have a good weekend, so I hope to be in the 12's if I can be. They are very elusive, those 12's... But I hope to stay there - as I got there last Monday!

    Good luck for this week, Juliet, and hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done on your weigh in last week and thank you for your message. I think we probably are at that weight where losing more is getting difficult but we have to persevere and make sure we don't put weight back on! It's so easily done! I ran the mum's race this morning at my daughter's sports day. I wouldn't have done that last year! Anyway have a good weekend and good luck with Monday's weigh in 😀

  • Hi Juliet44, don't worry about that odd pound - it will go if you are careful. I (like Lowcal) am struggling to get back into the 12's again - saw it briefly on the scales last week and then since then, stuck at 13.00 stones! We will get there...

    Well done on those shrinking knickers!

  • Ha ha, thank you. I hope you get to 12's soon. There is something about getting to the next stone which seems twice as difficult! Have a great weekend 😀

  • Hi Juliet,

    Hope you are not too disappointed, life is a bit topsey turvey for you at the moment and it will all even out. Don't look back but chug along for another week😃. We WILL get there and your Bridget Jones are a testament to that !!

    Have a lovely weekend


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