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1st week.....help!

Hey Everyone...I've decided to give this a go as fed up of gaining weight and not being able to fit in my favourite clothes! I've been on SW for the last few months but really struggled with it, I tend to lose some then put it back on and I kept getting told to eat more!

I've had a look at this plan and trying to get my head around calorie counting! I'm struggling for breakfast and lunch ideas, I always have breakfast at work as can't eat at home first thing and this is usually scrambled egg, beans and tin tom which is really filling! Is this still a good breakfast or wud I be better sticking to porridge? Also need some lunch ideas! I'm quite fussy so like plainish foods but I'm sick of having chicken pasta salad!

Help! :-(

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Hi and welcome Sparkle, here is a link to the welcome thread that has a lot of hints and tips on how to tackle the diet: healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

And here is a post with lots of recipe ideas: healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

I think your breakfast sounds OK to me and if it keeps you satisfied until lunchtime, then that is great. As for lunches, you can have a sandwich, just with lean meats and salad in it, maybe?

Anyway, hopefully those links will help and you will be able to find a way of eating that suits you and your lifestyle - have a great week!



It takes a few weeks to get your head around the eating plan, get used to eating differently and judging portion sizes 😕 You'll get used to it and soon create good habits 😊 Good lyck


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