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One Stone Down and One and a Half To Go!!

JeffDavies1231 stone

I weighed in today at 13 st 12 lbs. I started twenty four days ago at 14 st 13 lbs. I am eating sensibly and did start jogging and cycling. I have hurt my back and knee though and ignoring it just makes it worse. Gutted as it was the exercise that was taking it off. Oh and no booze. I more energy I am sleeping better and beginning to fit into clothes I have not worn for a while.I am determined to carry on now, I want to be able to run again. It's three weeks to my hols where I hope I can swim in the pool and sea. I would love to lose seven more pounds before I go Good luck everyone. It feels good to be taking control. I do so want to sustain it. Wish me luck

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Wow Jeff, that's brilliant! Well done you :)

I would urge you to take care of your back and knee though, as risking serious, or permanent injury isn't worth a few pounds!

It's fantastic that you're already reaping the rewards of carrying less weight and a great incentive :)

Good luck with losing another 7lbs before your holiday :)

That's excellent progress! Jogging is high impact on the back and knees, I have problems with both so walk/ power walk instead, perhaps when your injuries are better you could do that? Good luck!

JeffDavies1231 stone in reply to Caz28

Thanks Caz I am going to try cycling tomorrow and hope that won't irritate it too much. I will be able to drink on holiday which will be better. I hope you are making good progress too🍎

Caz28 in reply to JeffDavies123

If you haven't had alcohol for a month take it steady!

JeffDavies1231 stone in reply to Caz28

Thanks Caz I am ok with it. I think I just got into a routine often I was drinking beer and wine because I was thirsty. Good luck with your efforts too how are you doing?


Well done Jeff good luck :)

JeffDavies1231 stone in reply to Hidden

Thank you the amount of support it is so encouraging good luck with your healthy living journey too

JeffDavies1231 stone in reply to Hidden

Thanks E for you support and to you too !!


Good stuff, very well done...!

good on you Jeff keep it up

I am just starting I have 10 stone to move but people like you give me a goal

JeffDavies1231 stone in reply to newnorth549

Thank you I just try and look at getting through one day. I drink strong flavoured teas without milk if I am hungry I am 62my knees are shot so the running doesn't work perhaps when I am lighter it will. It's the booze with me one day to go and I have not touched wine or beer for a month.

It's going away on hols in two weeks and being less for that, that is keeping me going now.

I do feel better though I was just tired all the time. It's not just body shape any more it's feeling I am taking control of my long term health. I have put it off for three years and I was just getting bigger and bigger! Good luck mate don't think of the big picture yet and know it's a gradual long term plan. Of course the bigger you are the more calories it requires to maintain your size. I am sure a lot of it is reducing what you are putting in. I wish you every success.


That's a great weight loss JeffDavies123 😊 But you do need to be careful of those knees 😕 I would stick to walking fast and cycling, at least until after your holidays, you don't want to spoil it being sore 😕 And take it from me, not drinking now means you will be a very cheap date on your hols, I get drunk on half a lager!! Lol 😂 Well done 😊

Thanks for that yes definitely determined not to drink for a while. I think I just developed a bad habit . I would have a beer or wine just because I was thirsty I was daft. We have saved a fortune! No wasted days feeling lethargic after a boozy night Day at a time though but I must admit I have not really missed it. Once again thank you for the encouragement.

Well done man, that's amazing. I'm weighing in around 14.7 and would love to be at your weight, very envious. You must have great willpower. Keep up the good work!

Small steps I think no alcohol made a big difference. Thanks for your encouragement and support. Just focus on losing two pounds and go s bit at a time, a day st a time. It's easier for me if I am busy and occupied. Good luck with your journey to health. Think about what you are doing for you. Think positive the benefits far outweigh feeling hungry. I now think feeling hungry is a good sign. There is a little man shovelling little bits of fat out of my body and throwing it in the furnace to keep me going.

as2pls2020 July

Where r u going on holiday?

JeffDavies1231 stone in reply to as2pls

We are in North Norfolk weather is gorgeous Cromer boats and windmills yesterday. Still managing to avoid chips bread and beer though. First time away with our little Eriba caravan

Well done JeffDavies123 😊 that’s a great result to get a stone off already...hope your knee gets better and you can get back into exercising again soon - swimming sounds like a good bet till your knee gets properly better - hope u enjoy your holiday too!

Hopalong14st 7lbs

Well done, Jeff. Your attitude is infectious :) All the best! :)

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