Biking and Yoga

Went on the indoor bike again today but only for 20 minutes due to lack of time however did another interval video from youtube and was sweating buckets! It was definitely intense and made up for the lack of time. I didnt think I would manage the next half at the 4 min normal section but somehow managed it.

3 min warm up

5 x 30 sec sprint

5 x 30 sec rest

4 min normal

5 x 30 sec sprint

5 x 30 sec rest

4 min cool down

Also woke up 30 minutes early this morning a 5.30 to do a quick 20 minute morning yoga video. I never realised how relaxing yoga is yet strangely felt really refreshed afterwards. Even had time to make an omelette for breakfast instead of having to rush around while eating a slice of toast. Definitely going to try and do this more often, its nice having some time to myself in the morning to wake up.


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2 Replies

  • Sounds good 😊 Liking the cycling routine

  • What a great routine, really good! :-)

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