Busting out all over

I wonder how many of you ladies have ever had this problem? obviously I wasn't buying the correct bra size and wouldn't go for a bra fit as I was too embarrassed so as my weight increased so did the bust size and I started to pop out of the sides ( boob overhang ) anyway 5 weeks ago at the start of my journey I bought 2 new bras same size as I was wearing, left them in my drawer and this morning tried one on, no busting out it fits perfectly first time for years. So I practically cried ( stupid woman I am ) just nice to see your hard work pay off I guess. Here is to hoping they are too big for me in about 2 months time. Hope everyone is happy today sun is out for us at last. 🌞


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  • Its not stupid at all, it is great to put something on and realise that it fits! You will definitely have to go buy a smaller size soon!

  • I posted you a reply but it has gone in the wrong place. Look below.

  • I know exactly what you mean Bev. Five weeks ago I bought a new sports bra and already I'm fastening it on the smallest hooks! I do have extra flab under my arms though, so need to do some serious exercising to get rid of that, before I'm completely happy :)

    I'm not totally convinced by bra fitting though, as they seem unable to take into account the needs of an older woman with saggy baggies! :D I come out at a G cup, which is bigger than I was wearing at my biggest! My boobs actually lie in the bottom of a D now :D I paint a lovely picture, don't I??!! :D :D

    Keep up the great work and you'll be in those little frilly numbers in no time! :)

  • Hi Moorless, I am still in the what I call old lady, full cup, lets suck um up and pull em in bras. to put it bluntly but at least they fit now. My daughters have some lovely stuff from Victoria's Secrets etc, lovely colours, lacy etc, one day Moorless I will be there ( haven't been there for about 26 years ) I am threatening them with can I borrow your stuff when I get down in size? I think they are secretly hoping I don't make it which makes me more determined. You have done so well and lost so much I bet you feel completely different. By the way I loved the view from your house I keep pestering my husband to move I want a sceinic view, it's my next aim after weight loss of course. Onwards and downwards, hope the sun is shinning for you.🌞

  • You'll get there Bev and you won't want to borrow, you'll want your own! :)

    We're very lucky with our views, I'll keep my fingers crossed for a move for you :)

    Still no sunshine, but at least no rain yet! :)

  • I'm still buying correct size bras since losing my weight. They're expensive aren't they! I agree it feels amazing when stuff like this fits properly. All this stuff was amazing. E.g. tights don't ladder so easily anymore, jeans don't rub and split on the inner thigh, and you can forget you're wearing a bra even, no pain from bad fitting across the back etc. Enjoy :)

  • Hi I am a long way from the lovely bras I long to wear just glad at the mo my new ones fit. I must admit it will be great when the gouge on the shoulder where the stap is goes away not long now I hope.

    You enjoy your new size and treat yourself to whatever you want expensive or not because you EARNT it.

    Hope you have a fantastic day, Bev

  • You should treat yourself along the way too :)

  • You said it Ruth!

  • Cannot wait for all of that. I remember last summer, I had to sprinkle talcum powder on my inner thighs to relieve the pain of them rubbing together in the hot weather. Haven't done that this year so hope my thighs are getting smaller!!

  • Oh me too, and if I was too sweaty for talc, I used Vaseline. Don't need it now πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • I did the talc thing too, didn't work, it wears off! I just ended up wearing leggings under skirts, not ideal in the heat really :( My thighs definitely still touch, but they don't rub in that same way at all anymore, makes all the difference :)

  • Here's hoping Aussiegirl, hope you are doing well on your journey.πŸ‘

  • This has been the only downside to weight loss. Buying and finding well fitting underwear when you're constantly changing size is a nightmare.!

    I've got some too small and some too big now but I am struggling to find a decent 'middle ground'!

  • Are you at your ideal weight yet? If not the small ones will be a good incentive, just don't creep back to the bigger ones. Sometimes I think it is very hard to find comfortable pretty stuff especially supportive ones if you need it.

  • I'm very please that my boobs didn't change at all. my size dicreased slightly, but I have flat belly and they seem bigger! lucky me!

  • Good for you enjoy your new look and if you've got it as they say flaunt it!πŸ’ƒ

  • This conversation makes me want to go out and buy some pretty underwear! I can feel a treat / shopping spree coming on...

  • You go for it Seuzan, if you are already at ideal weight it's your reward if you are working towards it it's an encouragement to carry on there is always a reason for something new to wear.

  • I am looking forward to buying smaller size bras and my boobs stay where there are and don't escape through the side door :D :D I love colourful and vintage style underwear - only ever seem to do them in smaller sizes. Hopefully when I lost another 20 lbs, I will be fitted for a smaller size :) :)

  • That's a brilliant reason to loose the weight I am so looking forward to under wired etc as when you need to loose weight they stick in your sides. Side door, top door mine were escaping everywhere God help the people who watch cctv on the streets as I was always having to adjust myself. There are so many pretty styles and colours in vintage wear you need to find something nice and buy it then it won't be long before it fits.

  • Bras can be taken in at the back quite easily, I just cut off the hooks and eyes part and re-attached it, taking about an inch off each side 😊 It means the straps don't fall down as much either 😊 Ive also taken a 'dart' out of the cups, 😊 I'm too mean to buy new just yet, and anyway my boobs haven't gone down much. Needed to buy new knickers though - size 14 😊😊😊

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