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Hi Everyone,

I mentioned Futurelearn on another post but thought I would give it its own post. I discovered these courses at the beginning of the year and so far have competed four (three were very good one was a bit iffy). They are totally free and cover a wide range of subjects. I'm about to start one called 'A History Of Royal Food And Feasting' - it's for a bit of fun really. Anyways, they are open to anyone/anywhere. There are a number that focus on nutrition, there is a very popular one on mindfulness. You learn lots from others on the course so if you like being on here you'll enjoy the method of learning!

You can browse the categories here:


You can browse new and upcoming courses here:


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Thanks for that - looks good!


Like the sound of that 😊 Thank ypu


Just had a look 😊 I had no idea about these, I did my degree with the OU so I'm delighted you have shared this! I'm off to book a course this morning 😊 Thank you jenyfer 😊


Thanks for sharing this . I have enrolled on a course :-)


Yes I've done some of their courses too, they are great because you can go at your own pace and re-visit bits that are of specific interest.


Thank you so much something to take my mind off CAKE !!!


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