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Still weigh 16 St 11. I cut out sugar 9 days ago, and I feel tons better, but no result. I'm going to keep trying. in fact, I put £5 in a tin when I jump on the scales( u lot are my slimming club) so then I have a financial reason for weighing weekly, and it keeps me in check. Definitely making life changes though, I saw really exciting chocolate bars for £2, ( they were huge too) in the one stop last night, and I walked away from them. Groundbreaking first. Hope everyone having a good week. 😀

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Hi well done on resisting👍, it is hard when things look a bargain, I have put 64 x £1 coins in a jar that's 4st 8lb to loose, I want to get to 10.7 and I started at 15.1 nearly 4 weeks ago haven't weighed myself since will do next Monday and I hope I can move some coins into my achieved jar that is empty at the moment, hopefully when I have managed all I will have got to my target weight and will buy myself something nice to remember my journey with the £64. Good luck onwards and downwards M7Salltheway.


Coins in a jar, that's a good one. I have 70 coins to move into a new jar, so I'm not that far behind you. Good luck, looking forward to sharing successes.

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Well done for resisting there's too much temptation in the shops lol. My weakness is crisps I can get through family bags on a bad day so I allow myself one normal size packet a day with my packed lunch at work 😀


Crisps, oh yes I'm with you on that one, and it shows fab control if you can just stick to a 25 g bag a day ( so nice with sandwiches ☺️)


Yum sandwiches and crisps exactly what I had for my tea last night as I was back late lol. With my little bag of crisps and mini bread, not quite as filling as a plate full but certainly better for my waistline :-)


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