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Back from cloud 9

Hi everyone, just got back from spending a few days with my family up North after my daughters wedding here in the South West Bath. Well it was a fantastic wedding day and the weather was very kind to us. My daughter looked absolutely stunning and everything went smoothly without a hitch!. A very emotional happy day. I ate all that I wanted to eat and only put on one pound despite my away days with the family. As I am trying to contain my weight I think my maintenance is working. I am allowing a 2 1b allowance either side. The only exercise I've done this week was a jolly good dance on the dance floor, on the evening of the wedding day. I am waiting for some photos, and as promised I will post the odd one on here when I receive them. I had massive compliments from friends and family who hadn't seen me for a while about how good I looked. I told each and every one of them that it was thanks to the N.H.S. 12 week healthy eating plan. It was certainly a wonderful day. So hope you are all still very positive about your health, it might take a little time but all well worth it in the long run.

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Pleased you had such a lovely time and everything went well. You must have felt a million dollars with the compliments so your hard work has paid off!

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Hi Fruitspangle,

Welcome back! Fantastic that you only put on 1 pound, that is really good going!!! :-) Your maintenance appears to be working really well. Congratulations!!!

Great that you enjoyed a good dance on the evening of the Wedding, and I bet you looked great!!! :-) We'll look forward to seeing your photo, when you are able to post one, and it's brilliant to hear you had some many lovely compliments on your weight loss achievements.

An inspiring post.

Lowcal :-)


Lovely to hear about your daughter's beautiful wedding - a real happy ending after all your hard work and sensible eating. Hope you can now continue to focus on the maintenance plan...

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Hi dartmoordumplin. I've managed to maintain 3 weeks so far. I still have a positive outlook on healthy eating and still hope to keep an eye on this fantastic site . I really enjoy reading all the posts and hope to continue to contribute some helpful tips. Thank you for your reply. You


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