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Just got back from holiday - a few observations

Ed-Alexander2 stone

I'm feeling very relieved - if not downright smug ;) !! - about not putting on weight on holiday especially as I stayed in a hotel famous for its pasta and cocktails, both of which I indulged in. Here are a few things that worked for me in case they prove useful.

1. Don't be unrealistic - you're on holiday - if you set yourself unrealistic goals before you go as soon as you break them (swearing off alcohol, say) then there's the temptation to throw in the towel and go from famine to feast as it were. So on my first few days I had a couple of pretty naughty days but I did adhere to my ONE rule - no deserts/sweets at all. Again, because it was just one goal and not six it was actually pretty easy to stick to.

2. Mid-way through I started making my main meal lunch and really eating very little (nothing on two evenings) later on. Also, I stopped drinking alcohol after six so I'd get a good, restful night's sleep. But, to be clear, I had a hefty lunch of those days - a plate of pasta and clams, say, so I was not getting properly hungry until right before bed - perfect timing!!

3. Swim and make use of the gym if there is one. I swam more and more each day and even hit the treadmill on the last couple of days - again, all this helped keep my net weight in check.

4. Buffet Breakfasts Beware. Breakfast was the only meal that was free in my hotel so I wanted to get my money's worth without becoming Mr Creosote from The Meaning of Life. I decided to go white carb free every morning - so I had bacon and scrambled eggs and water melon but avoided bread, cereal etc. and that seemed to help me avoid the late morning carb-cravings that a big breakfast can provoke - for me, anyway.

Overall, the key word that keeps coming to mind is BALANCE - in the past i've definitely NOT got the balance right and come back from holiday feeling bloated and tired but this time, not least because of all the great advice on offer on this website, I feel like I got close to squaring the holiday/weight circle.

Hope everyone had a great weekend,


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Hi Ed-Alexander

Well done for not putting any weight on while on holiday, absolutely brilliant! Sounds like you had a good plan.

I came back of holiday recently and put 4lbs on, so i wasn't happy but i know what i did wrong - i ate all the things i shouldn't have done, didn't have any alcohol though. I suppose i was lucky it wasn't more than 4lb.

Have a good week :)

elliebathHost in reply to blackbeauty99

I do empathise with you. I too am just back from a holiday, in Italy.

I thought I made quite sensible food choices, fish, veal, salads, only once had pizza ( half), no pasta, fruit for dessert, but I did have a lot of wine and some crusty white bread ( which I never eat at home) . Ive gained 4 pounds in 8 days but really hoping I can lose most of that in a week or so.😊

Wow! Well done you. You scooted that little "ït's free - grab it all" ratbag off your shoulder and welcomed the voice of logic and reason :D And it paid off big time.


Well done on being on holiday and enjoying your food and alcohol, having a fab time and not gaining weight

Some good ideas there too :)


Very well done Ed-Alexander thats a fabulous achievement 😊 Making the mental connection that it's possible to have fun on holiday without going mad and overeating is a vital one, excellent news 😊


A great result Ed-Alexander and you are entitled to feel smug 😎 thank you for giving us all such good holiday advice.

Ceals3 stone

Well done Ed, sounds like a fab holiday and not putting weight on is terrific.

Really good useful tips, Thank you

Nice post Ed.


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