I ate the real me!!

I really enjoy food and I really enjoy healthy food but for some reason I choose unhealthy food!!

I have always been overweight and it seems to me to be I sabotage myself. If I am fat and someone doesn't like me I can think "it's because I'm fat" if I'm not overweight it is my personality.

What if I am not nice enough to carry off being slimmer and what if I become obsessed about another thing.

My mum and my sister are both slim and my has an eating disorder and both are obsessed with staying every morsel that passes their lips!!!

I am a bigger build than most "rugby player build" as so many like to tell my and I am tall so I always stuck out amoung the women in my family and all I want and wanted to do was shrink away and now I realise that part of the problem is I don't know who I am and it's not just the weight.

So here's to a joint venture joining others on here in a mission to be healthier and not thinner.


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9 Replies

  • Dear Sazzie, I think everyone was so angry when we begun this programme. Frustrated and a bit disgusted to accept those figures on a scale and our image in the mirror. my advise is to convert you frustration into motivation and start this diet. you'll see the difference in a few weeks time

    good luck

  • As a child I was bullied at school and learned a form of "self defence" which was to have the attitude of "this is me, like it or lump it".

    You have to learn to love yourself - if other people can't see the nice kind, warm hearted friendly woman that you are, that is THEIR PROBLEM, not yours. Face that mirror, and see the things you like; clean hair, happy smile, easy going, friendly person. If the people around you can't recognise that person, then lose them, find some others to hang out with who share your enthusiasm for life, who enjoy doing what you like to do (in my case - animals were the key to happiness) and get on with enjoying your life - you only get one go at it, and don't let those other miserable, insecure anxious individuals cramp your style!

    Losing weight then becomes something you are doing for you and your benefit, and won't seem half so difficult if you shrug off those other worries.

  • you seem to know me or who I believe I am. I feel like I have settled on the friend side of life as I have 2 literally!! 1 is actually seeming not to be so much of one and therefore I am down to 1 she is awesome though xx Need to widen my circle however with being disabled and and other complications I'm not sure how to do that xx

  • Use the internet to do searches for groups of like minded individuals to spend time with. Obvously depends on your disability but examples are ....there are wheelchair users who play basket ball and table tennis; partially-sighted people ride horses and play music, others with disabled limbs enjoy water exercise like sailing and swimming. There are groups out there, and if not any near you, then could you consider starting one? Your health workers might be able to advise you if there are others with your condition who might meet up for some socialising and exercise together. Let us know what you find? Could be the beginning of an exciting future!

  • Thank you for your support xx

  • Love who you are, embrace who you are. Love yourself, when you love yourself people pick up on that, they can see confidence & self esteem and naturally people gravitate towards you. My best wishes to you.

  • Hi Sazzie, first step done contacting this forum so many lovely people on here to advise and motivate you. When I was young I wasn't fat but well built, I was so sporty and loved competition sports my downfall was at home, my sister was prettier than me, thinner than me and my mum idolised her, I on the other hand was never good enough whatever I did. I think after leaving school I just stopped trying to impress my parents and let myself go. Now I have 2 daughters and treat them both the same, 1 is stunning, thin and has a model figure, the other has always been like me bigger built but beautiful the same ( sorry we mums are biased) but honestly if you put them in a race or a competition of strength my slim, trim daughter wouldn't stand a chance. You see it's not only about size but fitness, being healthy, which is more important than being slim. Don't measure yourself against other people, took me ages to realise that, you are unique, you sound like like a lovely person who just needs a little help and motivation, as for being tall I am so jealous. Start with the 12 week plan it's so easy to follow and you find yourself thinking differently about what foods you choose, keep on the forum it helps reading the posts and answering some questions just like I have here. You have just made lots of new friends here who won't judge you so keep us posted on your progress and good luck. Bev

  • Thank you Bev, There's me thinking I'm all alone in this world when in actual fact I'm not and seeing this forum and support I am receiving already proves me wrong xx

    Thank you for the support and I will keep coming back for support and to give as much support as I can xx

  • Hi Sazzie,

    Be yourself, don't change for others .Great support on here ,I'm sure you will do well.good luck.

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