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Newbie checking in for the first time

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Hi all, I'm Simon 54 years old and have finally admitted that I have a problem with my weight. I am just starting on the nhs 12 week plan and have a bmi of 32 and need to loose 31Kg.

I gave up working nearly 3 years ago to care for my wife full time, so of course in that time my activity levels have become very low and the weight has increased. So I have decided to take action. Hopefully over the coming months I will start to see a small improvement and this community seems like the best place to start.

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ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Simon,

Welcome to the Weight loss NHS forum. It's great to hear you're going to start the NHS 12 week plan, and I hope you'll really enjoy it.

If you look at the top right-hand-side of the homepage you'll see our Pinned posts which include the Welcome Newbie post, which moreless has put together. Also, if you would like to join a weekly weigh-in group, then look at the Events section (below the Pinned posts) and you'll see the latest thread. It's going on today, so you can pop in and introduce yourself there, if you would like to join in. It's good to weigh at the same time of day however, and so if you prefer a morning weigh-in, maybe pop in tomorrow, and I can still include you in our weekly stats. Just an option - only join if it appeals. I realise a weekly weigh-in isn't necessarily everyone's cup of tea - I'm just giving you some options to consider, and want you to know you'd be very welcome to join us.

Wishing you a great first week.

Lowcal :-)

Hi Simon and welcome to this very friendly forum. πŸ˜€

I'm on wk 15 of the nhs12wk plan. It is a great plan and really can make a huge difference to your health and wellbeing. The support and motivation on this forum has really helped me loose over 1 1/2stone ... only 6lb to go to my 2stone target.

Use the plan and fill in the weekly sheets it really helps you to focus. A really helpfully tool is the app myfitnesspal as this logs all your food and drink calories. It even has a barcode function which makes the process so much quicker. Calorie counting is a bit time consuming but it gets easier the more you log the quicker it gets.

Keep within your calorie allowance and eat low fat, low sugar, watch your portion sizes, drink more and move more and you will see weight loss and you will feel so much better and healthier. Use this forum and take part in some challenges.

Good luck. Claire x

Hi Claire and thank you.

I'm determined to lose the excess weight this time around, I lost a fair amount on a Weight Watchers plan about 15 years ago but I was a lot more active then ( I used to cycle 100+ miles each week) but I have just bought a mountain bike to get back into some exercise.

I have started to use the Myfitnesspal app and that is really good for tracking what I eat, one thing though my daily calorie allowance on the app is 1600 when I signed up for the nhs plan after I did the bmi check they recommend 2100 per day?

Will certainly use the forum, thanks again


Itsbab4 stone

Hi Simon I joined the forum 3 weeks ago after on and off dieting for years I have found that the 12 week plan really alters the way you think and choose what to eat and at the moment I am finding easy enough to follow. I need to lose about 5 st altogether but am seeing this as a new lifestyle for good, joining this forum is the best thing I have done for ages, I too gave my job up 21/2 years ago to look after my mum and during that time I found I forgot myself which is so easy to do when you are a carer you want to make sure they are ok and come first. If you follow the plan I think you will feel better, lose weight and that can only make you function better at home. Good luck I am sure with the help of the forum you can do this.

in reply to Itsbab

Hi Itsbab, thank you for your kind reply. This forum is very friendly and I think this will help when I get a bit stuck or when the motivation warns after a while as it always seems to do when you are solo dieting.

It's true you do tend to put yourself last and let things slip a bit. Anyway onwards and upwards from now on.

Itsbab4 stone

Onwards and downwards (weight wise anyway)

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