Chicken n chips

Really, really busy yesterday, cleaning cupboards, spring cleaning ,etc. Had one egg on one slice of toast with grilled tomatoes for breakfast then worked through until 6 pm. Absolutely knackered, but at 69 I suppose I'm entitled to be, so hubby went to the fish shop and came back with chicken and chips. Even when I wasn't dieting I rarely ate chips but I loved every mouthful of that meal. Have lost 22 lbs so far and although I should lose another stone I will be happy if I lose another 7lbs. Haven't a clue how many calories were in that chicken and chips but worked out that I must have had 600 calories during the rest of the day (can't remember how many cups of tea and coffee with milk I had so can't work it out exactly). Do I feel guilty - no. Have I gone back on my diet today - yes, which is a miracle in itself as usually that would be a signal to give up. One thing I did notice though was at one time I would have eaten the meal and then be picking at whatever was in the house but I was so stuffed I felt uncomfortable, so looks like my stomach is used to less food at last - yippee. Have a good week everyone.


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5 Replies

  • I eat a small amount of sweet potato chips sometimes because they don't spike insulin levels like high-glycaemic carbs do.

  • Do you bake your own sweet potato chips, Concerned? I'm considering baking some in the oven, but not done that before... So if you do know how to do it - please pass on the details! :-)

  • I do. I just dabble; they cook very well in the oven (no pre-boiling needed), I just drizzle a little olive oil and a pinch of chilli powder.

    I have also pan-fried them in lard/beef fat.

  • Thanks for that Concerned, I do hope to try them - I like the idea of a pinch of chilli powder. Many thanks! :-)

  • Hi Linda_Bee,

    Congratulations on losing 22 pounds in total so far, you're doing so well!!!! :-) Really good!

    Hope you're enjoying the weekend. I do hope you're feeling more comfortable today, as I know you said your tummy had felt stuffed after your meal.

    Enjoy your week!

    Lowcal :-)

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