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Fibre and my intestines do not like each other!


I have been doing the Slimming World diet, but suffer with severe constipation to the point I have been admitted to A&E twice with an impacted Colon. I do suffer with IBS and the change in diet, i.e additional fibre does not suit my body, I drink like a fish (water) to try and combat it but this doesn't help.

I am 46 and overweight by 1.5 stone and would like to get to a healthy weight but cannot cope with the side effects that it involves.

Any suggestions on how I can approach this weight loss without suffering the pain and incredible bloating I often experience when changing my eating habits.

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Hi sorry I can't be of any help other than keeping to a low fibre diet but there is a NHS forum for IBS someone may be able to give good advice on there if they suffer too it works the same as this you join and help/advise each other.

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I like you suffered with an impacted bowel - doctor has put me on laxatives permanently but I still suffer occasionally


How much water are you actually drinking? I have same problem but resolves usually with more water and prune juice if needed.


I can only suggest you increase the fibre gradually and always eat cooked rather than raw vegetables which are easier to digest. Good luck!


Could adding more exercise in to your lifestyle work? Maybe doctor could refer you to a dietician to help? X


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