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Starting point

Hi, just joined & really could do with moral support. I am married, 3 kids but a am quite lonely in the friendship/support department. I need/ will lose the weight but need a constant nudge to keep going. I had a tummy tuck Jan 2015 ( love the results) but have slowly gained 2 stone....which stops now. I have joined a local gym & will beat this yucky weight gain. So any tips, advice very much welcome. Sadly I have a huge sweet tooth so need to work on that area aswell 😃

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Hi Floludds,

Welcome to the forum.

You will receive a welcome message from admin that gives some good advice and tells you how to get started.

The forum is really friendly and helpful and I am sure you will connect with others in a similar position as you it is also good that you have joined the gym but remember that weight loss starts in the kitchen :-) Difficult for you with three kids and a husband to cope with as well.

Start a food diary, weigh and measure yourself and take some "before" photos. Join the Monday weigh in and read other peoples posts for inspiration and motivation and let the weighht loss begin :-) Good luck !


I'm very similar, sweet tooth and need nudging! Hopefully we can help each other along 😊


Hello and good luck ! We each have our own eating demons to battle, and it's not "one size fits all" with regards to food, 😕 Hiwever, I find eating enough early in the day, a mix of protein and carbs, has really helped my sweet toothby elimination low blood sugar. i have also stopped all "diet" drinks as these trick us into wanting sugary things 😕 But don't expect overnight success, these new habits take a few weeks to create 😊


Hi and welcome to this very friendly forum 😀 you have defiantly come to the right place for motivation and advice. Get involved with some of the challenges and the weekly weigh in it really motivates you to do well. I'm on wk 14 (of 12wks?!? But it's for life) and have lost over a stone and a half and you can achieve your goals too. Your body and taste buds will change and with a few tricks you can help your sweet tooth adjust and soon (like me) won't like too sweet things anymore. You do need lots of willpower but to succeed unfortunately sugar needs to be reduced. I have found little tubs of sugar free jellies fantastic for me and quark mixed with low sugar hot chocolate (various flavours) as this tastes just like choc mouse 😀 I have also found low sugar ice lollies help. Good luck and keep us posted. Claire x


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