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Can anyone recommend a decent set of scales?

Hi all! It is a bit overcast weather wise here in Nottinghamshire a little windy too, hope there is someone out there with a little sunshine beaming down on them. Right, probably a silly question to put on a loosing weight forum but I neeeeeeed! a decent set of scales as I haven't had a set in my house for years that is why I am probably in my situation now, 12 days ago I used my son's scales, what a shocker and told myself I am not getting on them again for a couple of weeks (hopefully to see a good result from my efforts) so I need to get some so I can join in the Monday weigh in sessions anyone out there who can recommend a good set to buy (accurate) it would be much appriciated. Hope everyone has a fantastic day. Bev

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Id recommend a digital one that does fat % too.

Mine are just from tesco's, salter body analyser, cost about £15.

Just make sure you always weigh yourself in the exact same place, as different floors affect all scales :)


Thankyou I will see if I can get a set of them before next Monday.


I have these and recommend them...



Thankyou Osiris275 this is a coincidence as I ordered these at the weekend just awaiting their arrival now good to know they have been recommended. Bev

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