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Boot camp in the park

Hi all. Hope you have had a great week . Just thought I'd share my first week of boot camp in the park

Well I've been twice and we have 'done abs' this has come as quite a shock to both me and my midriff. It seems that my core needs to engage !

I think I am one of the oldest in the group, it was hard, I was shattered , my midriff really felt the pain on both occasions , I got into positions I haven't visited since my 20's

But you know what

I loved it ! The group are wonderful, I feel great and I can't wait for class no 3

So bring it on . I can't believe how much my life has changed since I joined this group 8 ish weeks ago X

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Great to see you enjoying your fitness work and benefitting from the social side of things too!

I imagine that the hardest bit was getting yourself down there in the first place and the good thing is that you had the confidence and courage to do so.

Hope you go on to reap the rewards of all your exercise and effort.


Wow Mollydex sounds like you had a fantastic time. Well done on finding something you enjoy doing with a friendly group to spur you on 😀 I hope you engage your middrift for wk 3 ... think of those abs!! I have done some of davina mcalls dvd workouts for abs and it kills me every time. I think I disengaged my ab muscles when I had my children 😁 good luck and keep us posted. Claire x


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