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Week 6 & 7

The past two weeks my weight has fluctuated. I've been up and down 2lbs. My eating is definitely not that great so this week I've been focusing on my relationship with food. I plan to up my workouts in a week, but I've been trying to deal with my food habits before hand. This is because, even if I up my workouts if I continue to eat badly, I won't see the results I deserve.

It's more so takeaways twice or even three times a week the past two weeks that probably have contributed. I've still been consistent with working out 3 days a week with one double work out day.

On a positive, I've been steadily reaching my fitness goals. It's so unfortunate that before starting I hated running. I mean hatedddddd running! I always use the cross trainer because running was a little scary to me because I've always had issues with sore calves.

I started running week 4 of the NHS plan and could barely run for 5 mins. Now I can run 10-15mins with 2 minute intervals. I'm really proud of this because this means I can run a 5k soon!!! Plus my calves are fine!

Reaching these fitness goal has given me the will I need to continue!

These next 4 weeks I plan to combine everything I have learned when it comes to food, exercise and water.

Hope everyone is having a healthy and happy week.

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Well done on the running, that is a brilliant achievement. You have inspired me....


Thank you! I really appreciate the positivity.

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Well done , how brilliant. I too am a running convert and understand your joy! sounds like you are doing so well.


Thank you Molly! Aww yay, two converted runners! Wishing you all the best too.


Well done on your fitness levels. keep it up. 3 takeaways? Was this because you wanted them or someone else bought them? There is a saying which goes, What you eat in private, shows in public. It's true as well. I hope you have better luck over the next few weeks.


No, I bought them last week by myself. 1 of the 3 times I ate out. This is why I'm tackling with my food issue. Once I conquer this, I'll have a better time losing. I have an issue with emotional eating. I'm learning to discipline myself. I can have what bad food it is but I don't need it or want it in my body. So far this week it's been good. I hope to continue this trend!

You are right, that's a good way to look at it.


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