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Do I need to treat myself with food.....NO

Going on holiday very soon. There will be treats, ice creams, puddings, breads, cheeses, you name it......I have spent sometime thinking about this........I haven't eaten refined sugar for months and feel 'pleased' with myself, I love the discipline......it's good for me.

I could eat that knickerbocker glory, fresh cream scone, cornish pasty, and say well I am on holiday, but do I want to? The answer is no.

I can picture myself coming back feeling better and healthier if I didn't. I know I would feel disappointed with myself if I let the disciple go.

Would my family think I am odd saying no to the 'treats', yes probably.....saying no is so much better. Can I do it.....can I walk the walk after talking the talk.....

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Have a spoonful of someone else's just so you can say you have had it!

If you normally buy fish and chips - just buy the fish and leave the oily battered outside, just eat the white fish with some mushy peas and maybe 1 or 2 of someone else's chips only!

Pasties...eat the middle and leave the pastry? Maybe order a salad instead! It is all about keeping quantities small yet tasty. Have a great holiday - you will probably burn it off anyway if you keep active!


Love these tips, I may use them myself, thank you


This is something I really struggle with miamia so good luck you! You sound like you have a really sensible rationale plan, very inspiring! Have a wonderful holiday


I would plan one or two treats a day. I have usually managed to have one dessert and one drink and either stayed the same or lost a tiny amount like half a lb over 3 weeks (of cruising!)


Hi Miamia. Do, do, do have a wonderful holiday. Do sample all those treats but after all a treat does not have to be a blow-out binge. And remember not all treats are in the form of food! I have just returned from a cruise having lost three pounds. Smug? Hmmm yes, a bit. But I did it by sticking to my usual breakfast of cereal. Stuck to a salad lunch but added in some of the lovely fish or meats. Then enjoyed a convivial three course evening meal with a glass of wine. Sometimes I went to the afternoon tea too. Sometimes I had a cocktail during the evening show. So I sampled all the treats and enjoyed all the activities without too much damage to the weight loss progress. Maybe it was having to do without the temptations of the kitchen and food preparation. So who knows if I can stay on the wagon. Here's hoping anyway.

So, Miamia - just go with flow and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy that well-deserved holiday.

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How can it be a treat if it harms you? Enjoy everything you eat, but don't eat man-made fats, sugar, or foods that spike your insulin.


Sounds so easy....if only....! Going on holiday today and needed my fix of help and advise from you all....Need the inspiration, thank you all......


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