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Healthy choices at restaurants

I am not looking forward to my weigh in on Tuesday.

What a food filled (fun) weekend I have :(

My family is out for a meal tonight for my Dads birthday. It's more than likely we will go to an Indian or Chinese restaurant. What are the healthiest types of dishes to eat from these places? I know staying away from the creamy dishes is advised, which sucks because I love a Korma!

I am also out for afternoon tea tomorrow with my work friends which will consist of lots of sweet treats. Then Sunday I have a BBQ and Monday I have a BBQ!!

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Tomato based curries and plain rice are by far the least calorific, but only if you enjoy them. Don't spoil your night by being a martyr, perhaps share dishes with others so you can take small portions of food you actually enjoy.

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Hi Primelle,

Here's a few link pages from NHS Choices that might help you:




I hope you enjoy your meal out to celebrate your Dad's Birthday. I know there are several events you're facing this Bank Holiday weekend, but with a bit of pre-planning, you could do what I call 'damage limitation' and hopefully achieve a balance of enjoying the occasion, and making healthier choices.

Long weekends are challenging, and to be honest, many of us often gain on the Bank Holiday Monday weigh-ins, but with damage limitation, then hopefully it's not so much.

Good luck!

Lowcal :-)



Maybe go for a tandoori dish and plain rice? Don't know about Chinese I'm afraid.

On the BBQ, can you have fish or chicken and take some salad with you? A bit of BBQ'd chicken with salad would be really nice, jacket potato perhaps?

Maybe just have one or two small cakes tomorrow...


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