Lost focus :(

I had a rough day today with the health kick :( Had 6 chocolate fingers at the office and then I was craving fish and chips and bought some from M and S. I then fell in the old trap that today is a write off, so had a cookie too.

I don't want to fall into this trap so I write this remembering tomorrow is a new day. I want to look forward and not look back to my common food mistakes which were stopping my progress.

We all have our rough days. We just need to keep going!


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14 Replies

  • I am replying to your lost to keep me away from crisps in the cupboard - if I can keep it up that will be two whole days back on the straight and narrow, after a wayward week last week. I applaud your determination to get back on track. I would add the suggestion that you plan now what you will do next time there are biscuits in the office. I do find a rehearsal helps me. Will it be a "no thanks, I'm not hungry" or a "no thanks, I could do with a drink, do you want a cup of tea?" Best of luck.

  • Thank you, a good tip and wish you the best of luck too!

  • The way I do it now, GetHealthyWon. Is reply to an email if someone sends one saying there is some kind of treat in the kitchen at work saying "Thanks. Maybe a bit later" and then when I'm asked in person - I say the same thing, by that point it's all gone anyway.

    Try it - it works

    Best of luck

    Rob 😛

  • Thank you- very wise advice :)

  • You're very welcome!

    Hope today is better for you!

  • Hi GetHealthyWon,

    Yes, tomorrow is a fresh day, so put today behind you, and move forward with a fresh perspective.

    Hope you have a great day!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you- you a right and you too! :)

  • I am so guilty of this - I can write off weeks, not just a day, following a bottle of wine or indulgent meal.

    There is a clip on the bbc somewhere from the Biggest Losers where they gave one group cake and told them it was 700cal a slice and another group it was 195cal a slice. They were then offered a second slice - the 700cal group ate 20x more than the 195cal group and planned to then go out for curry! It's human nature in other words, but by being aware of it, we are better able to control it. At least, that's the plan!

    I'm going to try to remember that - I've had the biscuit, cake, whatever, but if I get straight back to it rather than writing off the day, I'm saving myself 20x that biscuit, cake, whatever...

  • That is extremely true and a good attitude to have!!

  • I empathise with you completely

    I had a flaky Tuesday and ate crisps and chocolate yesterday

    Today is a new day I have dusted myself down and am posting this while on my exercise bike and feeling more positive today

    Keep going you can do it 😊😊

  • Thank you! You too :)

  • I have a rule if I go over one day, I need to go under by the same amount tomorrow.

    This way I don't ruin the week and it stops me reaching for the chocolate if I know tomorrow I will have to eat less.

    Good luck, just keep looking forward you can do it :)

  • Exactly keep going...

    All I've wanted is a cookie since I started this. Chocolate fingers!

    The loss of weight is more important than the temporary feeling of happiness from eating chocolate...

  • Very true! :)

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