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Managing and maintaining

I'm 34 5ft and 10.11lbs. Really struggling with life style eating. Sit down job and busy life with 2 you kids. I no I can loose the weight but I can not maintain it. As soon as I eat a sandwich or rice I pile the pounds back on 😞 I use to cycle everyday no matter the weather but since I was hit by a car it's knocked my confidence and I struggle to get back on my bike. I have no get up and go. I've joined and now got my mind into a new day a new start. So here I go. Any advise would be great. Thanks all xx

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I know where you are - I think you have to see it as a long term project to learn to eat differently. At least a year working at maintaining after you lose the excess. Personally I can't do sandwiches for lunch - too many calories given what I want to eat with family at dinner, so I'm now in the habit of taking a Dr Karg's crispbread with salad+ hoummous to dip for lunch instead. I had a fall from my bike 3 weeks ago, but I got back on - even the nurse taking my stitches out urged me to carry on cycling, saying whatever I might feel just now it was really good for me. As I've got older I have found I more and more need to exercise for good mental health. If you can't get back on the bike do try something new - swimming, running, yoga, zumba? Not only does the exercise burn calories it gives me more self-esteem and self-control. Good luck.

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