Staying out of the kitchen

I'm not hungry, I've had dinner and it was definitely enough.  Trouble is that I want to eat something.  Don't NEED to, just want to.  So I'm using you guys as a way to stay out of the kitchen.  I will go in to take my antihistamine right before I go to bed.  Can't eat in bed! 

Hopefully the "keep my fingers busy" strategy will work and I won't eat anything until breakfast time tomorrow. :)


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12 Replies

  • Hi VickyDLM,

    Sounds like you have a good plan to help you avoid that kitchen - so keep to it, and you'll be fine!  

    Enjoy your breakfast tomorrow morning, and hope you sleep well tonight!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well... Did you manage not to nibble VickyDLM ?? 😗

    I felt exactly the same tonight and before this healthy eating plan, I would have had a bowl of cereal and some biscuits. Instead I cleaned my teeth and the taste of the toothpaste stopped that 'fancy', and that's all it was, Like you I wasn't hungry. 😃😃

    Onwards and downwards.

    Mouse 🐭 

  • Did you stay out of the kitchen Vicky? I had to develop a whole load of strategies for this in the beginning. A good one is to make yourself a foot bath, keeping your feet busy can help prevent the urge to go to the fridge, it's not just about your hands...

  • Hahaha, I've had to go and hide in my bedroom on numerous occasions, under my duvet, fingers in my ears singing lalalalala :P Oh cravings, what are you doing to me!

  • I feel this way often! I hope you managed to stay out of the kitchen. You can do it!!! 

    I am trying to learn this skill myself - it is hard work. Keep up the good effort!

  • Have you tried doing something that keeps your hands busy in the evenings? Like crochet, or colouring in?  I find that if I sit and do something I dont think about eating as much, and then before you know it, its time for bed!

  • My cravings have become less, but when it is overwhelming I have a few fridge cold little red redishes. We keep them now washed in a glass with lid in the fridge. The perfect satisfaction. I have opened the fridge, I found something without guild and I can turn away again... really cold redishes are a delight :-)

  • I love radishes - what a good idea!

  • If i have a craving for sweet in the evening i eat a little sugar free jelly  with a dash of yogurt( low fat) it helps....😊

  • Hope you managed to last till breakfast this morning. How about cleaning your teeth if you feel like eating something? I never like eating just after cleaning my teeth so it may help to distract you enough and hope that the craving goes away :)

  • Hello All, thanks for all the great ideas.  I should have thought of the tooth brushing, my sister always says she can't eat after she's brushed her teeth in the evening! (She's the skinny one) ;)

    I do generally have the cross stitch out, and that keeps my fingers busy.  It's just that last night I was doing the online grocery shopping.  I suppose that's what made me want to eat something!

    Fortunately, I was able to resist.  I did go into the kitchen just before going to bed to take my antihistamine (with a glass of water!) before going straight to bed.  So luckily was able to resist the craving this time.  Thanks again for all the support. :)

  • Yay! :)

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