Hi everyone, well I am now trying to maintain my weight as I have reached my goal. So this week I added a 100 calories to my allowance.I also cut back on my exercise, Despite that,  I lost 1 pound ?  I checked my BMI which is still not at the levels it should be, & I fear never will be as to get down to the weight they have suggested & a healthy BMI I should look like an old woman.  However I noted my new calorie intake and just added an extra 100 calories   As one and especially me , can increase weight  so quickley I am nervous to increase the calorie intake more again. Does anyone know if this might take a couple of weeks to ajust accordingly, or is this going to be the hardest time Ive had for healthy eating?  I do so want to continue to exercise to be reasonable fit. I used to do 12 mile a week walking with the video in the home, so halved that. If anyone has a few tips I would be very grateful. Have a super positive week all.


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6 Replies

  • Hi Fruitspangle,

    I've been contemplating your post for a little while, and hadn't replied till now as I just couldn't really formulate a helpful response.  This makes me think that I'd like to learn more about the concept of maintenance and how people do it.  I often say to people on here that I have personally maintained a weight loss total of 5 stones for approx 2 years - but in the process of doing that I've actually been trying to get my remaining stone off.  This is the final year of trying to do this, as I have decided that I will be content with my current weight if I can't actually shift the remaining pounds - as I am in the 'healthy' BMI already, and I do feel happy with my weight.  

    But in terms of knowing how to actually 'maintain' - I think I would need to do some reading and learn more.  The NHS 12 week plan doesn't talk about maintaining - or at least I've not seen any significant mention of it.  Maybe I should check that...  I realise it's a 'weight loss plan' and not a maintenance plan.

    I just wanted to explain why I've not rushed into responding to you till now - I was thinking about it, and I will hope to do some research when I get a chance - maybe over the weekend.  I have a busy scheduleTuesday to Friday, but will enjoy some exploration on the weekend, and if I find any helpful articles I will pass them your way!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal, many thanks for your feed back and hope that when you explore into how we can maintain our healthy weight style, there is  a little something to help those who are trying to keep at a healthy level. As I mentioned my BMI & weight are not as suggested, but I honestly feel I am at my best for my age and height. I have decided to concentrate on my muscles impact and to try to strengthen ,tone and firm a little of excess fat I have left around my middle.  Whilst my walking exercise has kept me trim along with losing the weight.  I still need to focus on the mid - drift that  seems to be very stubburn to lose.  Its not rolls and rolls of fat, but its their if you know what I mean Haha!   So I shall certainly watch out for any tips  coming our way.  I shall continue to weigh myself weekly as at the moment  thats my guide. My Daughters wedding is the 5th June and  I am so pleased to have been part of the N.H.S. 12 week plan. Although it has taken 16 wks to shed 2 stone I would not be where I am today without this brilliant site. So a big thank you to all who responded, and supported to our daily chats. You have my  continued interest in the plan as long as this site is available.  Looking forward to learning more.

  • Hi Fruitspangle,

    I'm so glad you've enjoyed the NHS 12 week plan, and that you've achieved so much during your time here.  It's good that you're still feeling motivated to stay around and work on maintaining a weight you feel healthy and content with, that is great, and I will hope to start gaining some useful info re: Maintaining, and I will share those as and when I locate something that looks really good.  

    It's definitely an area I am keen to learn more about - as it will be good to stay at a healthy weight for life and not have any more yo-yo dieting - I have gone through that in my earlier life.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I am no expert as I have failed to maintain a healthy weight all my life, but I think what the current advice is, is to increase your cals by 200 and continue to monitor your weight until you find the level at which you can eat and not lose or gain weight.

    Personally, I would continue with the exercise if you can!

  • Thanks LotToLose, good advice.  I am trying to plan for next week with a different type of exercise If I am  the same weight after the week I will do the same the next week, if not then as you suggested increase another 100 cals. Trial and era I guess.  Good luck to you, don't give up!

  • I have maintained for 13 months. My current BMI is 22.7.

    There is no magic formula. You will always have to keep tabs on your weight but you dont need to be as particular as before.

    I still try to keep within a maximum calorie allowance (my TDEE) overall , say over a week, but I do not obsess about any one particular day. Yesterday I ate cake, wine, roast potatoes etc. Today I'll eat a bit less.

    Maintenance is a weight range to me of 0-4 lbs either way. I only worry about it if I find Ive gained 4 lbs , then I go back to accurate calorie counting for a week or so and it drops down again. After taking a year to lose my excess, Im determined not to go back there again!

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