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Feeling really good :-)

Hi everyone, its been a while since I posted. Been busy busy lol. I'm on week 4 & I'm losing weight slowly. Lost quite a bit around my waist but need to focus on my legs, arms & bum. Any advice on good exercises? Cannot begin to express how happy I am. The key is to stay positive & keep motivated by focusing on your goals. 

There are days I feel down & just eat something naughty like a cornetto lol but I get straight back into it the next day. Plus the sun is shining & somehow motivates me more because I know I have to lose weight to look good in my summer clothes.

Thanx for reading. Have a good day everyone. :-) xxxx

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Hi Jaz, I am finding Pilates very good for getting my core strength sorted as well as help with toning my glutes and thighs.

Well done on keeping on track with your diet, having the odd Cornetto isn't so bad if you take it into account and make up for it elsewhere, we need treats occasionally, I feel.

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