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Starting again!

Hi. I've been on health unlocked for years but not really joined in. Now I need to take action to lose weight and get fit. My starting weight today is 11 St 5lbs. Last Monday I was 11 St 0.8lbs. I don't understand why eating more can lead to weight loss so would welcome any links/ advice on this topic. For the last few months I've gone between 11st and 11st 8. I keep a diary and log calories. When I restrict calories, bread  and alcohol i lose wt.  When I eat bread, eat sweets or any other rubbish it piles back on very easily and quickly. I don't exercise. I plan to exercise more (walk) and do my garden. My goal is 10st 7lbs initially. I've also tracked my measurements and they have reduced since January this year and not increased when my weight has fluctuated. I'm baffled by the fluctuations  even when I eat sensibly. I think I'm not eating enough but don't feel hungry so think I would be eating for the sake of it! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi Diamond 

It's normal to lose weight when we cut out the junk food (sugar, fat high salt), and the minute we start eating it again, the pounds pile back on, actually faster than we lose them! It seems most unfair, but that's the way our bodies work. 

Might I suggest checking your BMI using the NHS online BMI checker, it should suggest the amount of calories your body needs each day to lose weight, then at least you know if you're having enough calories. I find it easier to use MyFitnessPal to log everything that passes my lips (weighed and measured). Also healthy eating has to be for life - with the occasional treat.

Sometimes even if we don't lose weight, we can lose inches oddly ...

Anyway, I hope this helps.

Mouse 🐭 

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