Oranges and lemons !! ( feel like a lemon !) lol

Oranges and lemons !! ( feel like a lemon !) lol

Here's my photo for the challange

I'm wearing  a yellow top and an orange scarf

Holding a bell

Look close and I've a pink birthday candle behind an ear !!

I'm eating orange and lemon

Have a 'spoon' with orange and a lemon in

Only London thing is a photo on my phone taken at the tower to London when I went to see the poppy exhibition last year !!

Phew !!



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12 Replies

  • Hi Flossie! 

    Wow, you look great!  That is a lovely lemony and orangey ensemble - your scarf goes great with you top!

    Good idea with the Poppy picture on your phone as well.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal,

    Mr F thinks we are all mad !!


  • Lovely! Nice shades, too! 😎😊

  • Thanks Foodie87,


  • Fantastic Flossie! I knew you could do it! Well done you for getting right into the swing of things :)

  • Thanks moreless,

    It's good to be back, roll on the next one !!


  • Absolutely!!! :)

  • I love it, Flossie. You've really gone to (London) town and met all of the criteria. Fantastic effort. Well deserved 1500kms. Would love to give you more but the others aka moreless would go in a sulk :D :D

  • It was great fun, even scored some kms going for the lemon and the tshirt !! Lol


  • It's a win, win Flossie! :)

  • Too right!! :o

  • Love it!  You did brilliantly - the candle behind the ear is genius!

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