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New Things - New Challenges

So with a little one in the making I need to focus on a healthier me so I can have a healthier baby! AAGHH!! Recent 12 week scan made it all real so here I am looking for motivation and inspiration.

I am struggling with shortness of breath thanks to baby growing hormones but it's also not helped by my weight. I also have asthma so as often happens my brain has a handy get out clause for exercise induced asthma. The plan is to eat as healthily as possible and more immediately reduce my visceral fat so my baby has room to grow!

I will have to exercise where possible while reducing/limiting asthma medication and eat as healthily as I can so the baby and me can get some good vitamins! Hopefully then I will feel less tired and happier!

Wish me luck? I am going to need it!

I am currently 280lb and would love to be 140lb (one day post baby day). For now healthy is the goal and weight loss is a bonus if I lose it slowly.

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Congratulations 😊🎉 lots of info and support on here, healthy eating the way to go, 😊 Good luck 


Lovely news, congratulations from a granny of two 😊 

There is a healthy eating plan on here, but it might be a good idea to check with your health visitor, as cutting calories may not be the way to go. Better to concentrate on sticking to healthy eating and just avoiding the naughty stuff? 

I found this site on healthy eating in pregnancy, which has a lot of different food ideas. 


Good luck with it all.


Hi Ifurienne,

I've just read your post here, and you are definitely looking at health for yourself and your baby, and that is really great - I hope the link page I sent you is helpful, and I'd like to wish you lots of luck - as you've asked us to wish you luck!  Congratulations again on your pregnancy, and wishing you a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

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