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A day off? NO

A day off? NO

I didnt post yesterday as my grandsons had a sleep over, and woke me up at 6, by the time we d had breakfast, i had my porridge, i just decided to follow one of previous days menu, as i had no time to work out a new one.

 Pleased that i didnt just take a day off it, because i know it wouldnt have gone too well. Been given some new potatoes for dinner, and i fancy bacon, and green beans and carrots with them.

 I bought this Tesco pure sunflower Oil Spray last week to use instead of a drop of oil when frying. I have used it, and its great. Fry Lite is twice the price of this little gem, i think this was just over £1, and well worth the money, and its saving calories, lots of them. Good luck everyone, have a great day, be good, but enjoy. See you in the morning for our weigh-in x

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Good you stayed on it, you've got me thinking about bacon now, I really fancy a bacon sandwich!

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