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Hit that wall AGAIN!!!

June1965Restart Feb 2020

I'm so angry with myself, 3 weeks...on plan & then BAM!!!!!

Overboard and eaten anything that moves.....!!!! 👎🏽👎🏽😡😡 I am so annoyed with myself, I was doing so well,

I weighed myself after the bank holiday & had put on 2lbs & since then I have totally cocked up.


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The trouble with over eating, it leads to gains, prob best to bank a few cals for such events then!


Aargh!! I feel your frustration! There's nothing I can say that you don't already know 😕 Just feel for you, been there got the t shirt 😕 Hope you have a better weekend 😊


Oh, we all have those moments and soooo difficult to resist, nearly impossible.

I hope that you're able to get back on it, and those couple of lbs will soon disappear (could be a lot worse)!

Think of your achievements so far, it's a blip, and although really really annoying and frustrating, don't let it beat you!  Good luck!

Don't beat yourself up, that leads to self sabotage. Just get back on track the next day.

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi June,

Bank holiday weekends are notorious and challenging, so please don't be too disappointed by your weight gain - just get back on track again, and hopefully next week will be much better. 

Have a lovely weekend.

Lowcal :-)

DianaMaintainer in reply to Zest

I never find them since!  I just take each day as it comes😇

DianaMaintainer in reply to Diana

Meant so

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to Diana

That's a good philosophy Diana!  :-)

June1965Restart Feb 2020

Love you guys....so kind 👍 Xxx

Rather than being cross with yourself., why don't you do something nice for you. Just thinking how easy it is to be annoyed or frustrated by small blips 

Seuzan2lbs in reply to greeny4

Oooh I really love that idea!  I think being kind to yourself breaks the cycle of self-loathing and gives you the 'feel good' factor which gives the strength to get back on the wagon.  I am going to try to remember that. Thanks!!! 

Why are you focusing on 2 or 3 days of unplanned extras when you have had 21 days of planning and sticking to your plan?  So you are 7 times more likely to stick to it than you are to blow it.  We are so negative when guiding ourselves.  Only focusing on the mistakes and ignoring the good bits.  If you were someone you were caring for, who had got it wrong, how would you help her/you back onto planned eating?  Talk to yourself out loud and guide yourself back.  You need to think through this experience and work out what you could have done at each point to make it better.  That will give you a range of options when you get to the next bank holiday which is less than a month away now.  One trick is to make everyone else eat what you are planning to.  You can always put more potatoes, bread and butter, pasta etc on the table for them.  We know you can do it because you already have.  So just go back and do it again.  Bet you can get that 2lbs off super fast because it went on super fast.  Bet a lot of it is water.  

June1965Restart Feb 2020 in reply to Venusflytrap


Sound advice 👍👍 on it....

So glad it helps June1965.  Felt a bit preachy and tough love to me!  So I hesitated before posting!  


June1965Restart Feb 2020 in reply to Venusflytrap

Sometimes we need telling !!! 

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