Muffin top

hi i'm new here I've just joined, 

I'm struggling to lose this "spare tyre"  which makes me look round as i'm only five foot one.. I hate the muffin top and  now trying to loose some of  it before a nice summer holiday in two weeks.

I'm going to a weight management class that has given me 1300 cal a day and slowly loosing weight 6lbs in 6 weeks,  but still struggling with this  and trying to walk every other day (mapmywalk)  but suffering hip pain after any exercise

oh to wake up a stone lighter!! or even a foot taller!


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  • Hi Avidee,

    Welcome to the Weight Loss NHS community forum.  It's a friendly and supportive place, so I hope you'll enjoy it here!  We have a Welcome Newbie post, which moreless has put together.  Do have a look through and see if there's anything that you'd like to join in with, or any tips etc that you find useful.  Also, do join in the Monday group weigh-in, if you like the sound of that.

    Here's the Welcome Newbie thread:

    Wishing you success with your weight loss goals.  Good luck!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Trying to lose a small amount , a stone or so, is not as easy as some may think,  as the lighter you get the slower the loss. But a pound a week is a healthy progress so just persevere,  you may reach a plateauu some weeks but that's the way the body reacts, just keep to the plan. Depending on your age/height, 1200- 1300 calories is about right  for the final stone, and any exercise you can do will help, but if its very painful don't make it worse. 

    In 2013 I started a weightloss journey just before a week in Majorca, I was therefore much more aware of food choices during my holiday and barely gained a pound. After that I used "myfitnesspal " app to record my daily calories. It took me almost a year to lose my excess 2st. but have since kept it off for over a year. Good luck , you can get there too.  

  • thanks Elliebath, yes I think I'll be same as you  very slow to lose it but amazed how quick it can go on again!!   I'd be really pleased if I can come back from hol with minimum gain usually its over half a stone....and sometimes more!!

    but I'm determined to try a bit harder while I'm there and thanks again for your message.

  • I feel for you as I am 5 ft 2 inches and when you are vertically a little challenged every extra lump shows!  I have been slowly, very slowly, and steadily getting to a reasonable weight for my height and build.  I think this works better than trying to do too much too soon which was, for me, unsustainable.  Concentrating on clean healthy food and trying not to succumb to the empty calories in chocolate too often (never say never!) seems to be working.  I wish you well and send you Patience, Perseverance and Positivity!  Good luck on your journey.  :)

  • thanks Nelliecat4, how I wish I was taller but it has benefits being short too I guess. I've tried lot of diets and lost three stone on a vlc one with just a few months before it  started to slipped back on probably more to tell the truth. I guess I've used packs these on occasion when I'm desperate but do now need to try harder and stick to clean healthy food and  even a slow loss is better in the hope it stays off. Thanks for you message.

  • Hi Avidee and welcome.  Although I'm the tall daughter of a small mother, I do sympathise with the being taller or slimmer wish.  My Mam wanted to be a 6ft 5" man!

    It can feel so difficult when exercise is a problem.  I managed to get to goal during 2 years when I was practically immobile.  So the good news is that you can lose weight just by diet alone.  But, as you know, it's a slower process.  Where the exercise really helps is in getting it to go from the right places.  

    If your hip is so sore, could you switch to swimming or walking up and down the pool, so the water supports your body weight?  Don't fret about wearing your bathers in public, if you can get to an adult only session, you will see all sorts of shapes, sizes and ages there.  I found going to the end of the early morning session was the best time as all the fast swimmers had gone to work by then and there was just us duffers left!  The lunch time session was another option with a lot fewer people getting in the way.  

    Also if you have a whizz round the Internet, then you might be able to find some exercises for your top half.  I know you can do press ups against the wall, instead of using the floor (bingo wings!). This type of thing might help you exercise while not hurting your hip.  They do say that even just standing up more helps.  So how about just getting out of the chair for the commercial breaks on TV.  That is what I started with, and I am managing miles now.  

    Good luck with your plans.  You sound really determined and organised.  


  • thanks Venusflytrap,  yes my muffin top really annoys me but its the hardest place to lose it from . I'm going to try swimming and especially on holiday when the water will be lovely and cool and no one knows anyone,  there is always others with more "curves" than me.  My doc's advice is painkillers, and I try to keep these to minimum rather than take them everyday. I've dug my exercise bike  out of shed so will try short spells on it evert day especially if I don't get out for a walk. Thanks for the message and yes I'll try getting up during commercial breaks but it will be hard keeping away from the biscuits

  • I too have this problem & would love to know how to get rid of it. I have lost 3st 12lbs in just over a year but the muffin top just goes down in proportion & still shows in all my clothes. You're not alone in this problem, although that is probably small comfort to you, so if there is anybody out there that has got the answer, other than surgery, there are at least 2 people who would be very grateful

  • thanks Juicyjoycee, you have done great to lose 3st 12 lbs, gosh i'd be a size 10 if I did and my muffin top easier to hid I think. I'm sure its not as bad as a "beer belly" although some of my tops could be taken for maternity ones.

    thanks for message

  • I forgot to add that I am unable to do any excercise due to back & neck problems. 

  • Can you walk? Some exercise is better than none and results will come in time. Not fast, but they will.

  • Hi Micampelos, yes I walk at least every other day from 20 - 40 mins and now I'm going to try cycling on my exercise bike for 10 to 15 mins a day too... hopefully build it up to half an hour a day depending on how sore I am after that...thanks for message

  • Hi Avidee  I count myself as reasonably fit but even I find my hips and knees hurt after walking, mainly around towns with that stop start effect dodging crowds. I've found this has worsened since the revamp of Preston town centre as there's more adverse cambers on the footpaths - murder if you're pushing a wheel chair now!!

    I have found as I've lost the last 3 stone that this pain does lessen because your hips and knees are no longer carrying as much excess weight. Cycling to work and back albeit only a few miles has also improved my fitness and I don't have problems with my knees following the exercise. May be this could be a consideration, especially if you've got a nice park of cycle paths nearby?

    As for the spare tyre - definitely don't wear hipsters, not a good look! Bridgette Jones style big knickers definitely help, as does a decent bra. It's amazing how much better you look if you boobs aren't resting on your waist band (oh to be young again, with those nice pert little bumps...) I've taken up yogilates since Christmas and I found it certainly stretches your muscles and firms things up. Hard work, but I've definitely noticed a difference and have reduced the number of back twinges due to sitting down a lot of the time. Would definitely recommend this. If you're following the 12 week weight loss plan, you'll see a link for toning exercises, this is very similar to some of the moves in yogilates.

  • Thanks Redx1995, I agree hipsters are defiantly out I like the high waisted jeans  but they can be tight and uncomfortable. I use my sloggy's to hold tummy in and its tightening the belt on my jeans that causes the "muffin top" but yes exercise is probably the answer and I'll have a go at these toning exercise's luckily only two weeks to my holiday and unfortunately no bikini fit body this time!! thanks for the message.

  • My friend is not a big lady, but she has a real muffin top shape and a plump back. She swears by all-in-one body suits. They're soft to wear,  not like a corset, and really stop the bulging . She wont go out without one.....nothing too expensive, M&S do several pretty ones  in different strengths reasonable price. She says she just feels "neater" round the middle and back area, and more confident.  

  • Hi Elliebath, yes got a few already, one nice one a bit longer for under dresses (my tight body) and a couple of that are like body suits although I find the under fastenings a pain !!! but yes wear them on special occasions I want to look good although luckily the fashion for loose cross over type blouses help quite a few of these and like these a lot to camouflage my muffin top.

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