Dinner party Dilema!

Hey all, 

I really need some help. On Saturday night I'm hosting a dinner party for 6 adults including my partner and I. Two of the guests are vegetarian And don't eat fish. 

If anyone has any ideas on some vegetarian dishes that are also healthy it would be much appreciated. 

Oh by the way for the other guests I was going to do chicken or salmon. I'm undecided.

Laura. 😃

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9 Replies

  • Look up Jamie Oliver's Beautiful veggie moussaka, I made this for a party of 12 vegetarians and non vegetarians and they all loved it.  You can prepare it well in advance so perfect for entertaining,  and with only 353 calaries per portion you won't have to break your diet.

  • Oh that sounds nice I will take a look thank you :)

  • hairy dieters have a great curry, which I have made and left out the chicken before, or you can use paneer if the vegis arent dieting too!


  • Thanks I will have a look online and see what I can find :)

  • Hi NannyLaura,

    I can see you've already had some delicious suggestions for your Dinner Party, and I hope this link will also be useful too, it's from the BBC Good Food website, and contains 45 recipes as suggestions for a Vegetarian Dinner Party.  I thought they looked tasty! :


    I hope you have a lovely time, and I'm sure your guests will enjoy your Dinner Party.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I'm vegetarian and quite like quorn.  I also like stir fries with tofu.  Also like beetroot and feta tartlet - very tasty!   mmmmm this is making me hungry so I will stop now.  I like the ideas above too.  Have a lovely evening!

  • A vegetable crumble with a cheesy breadcrumb topping is very easy and light. Or a vegetable and chickpea strudel - roast vegetables like peppers, onions and courgette and roll in filo pastry. There are loads of recipes online if you google. 

    Please don't give them a goats cheese tart or a mushroom risotto, these are lovely but us veggies tend to get them everywhere we go! 

  • I do quorn sausages in a stock based sauce. Not sure it's dinner party food but something from the quorn range in a jus? Sounds posher than gravy!

  • Hairy Bikers mushroom feta and tomato stuffed peppers are divine!

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