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All about the quantity

Hi all,

Havent really posted in a while just been looking, ive mentioned to other people about low GI foods low calorie density foods etc to keep you full but... I Can Not Stop Eating ! I realised I put back on about half of what I had lost since jan in the last month. I am still eating healthily , all the fiods are good I just need so much of it to get full... anyone know any tricks to curb an apetite? 

Appreciate any help



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Hi H706,

Have you read our Welcome Newbie thread, as there might be some tips and suggestions within that of help to you:


It's great that you're considering the GI of your foods and also the fibre content etc, to keep you fuller for longer - but maybe think also about some distraction techniques to help you to focus away from food outside your planned meals?  Also, ensuring you don't have food too easily available or in view can be helpful too.  If it's not in the house, then you are less likely to eat it.  

Hope you have a great week.

Lowcal :-)


Hi h706, I found I needed to massively shift the emphasis of my meals towards vegetables and salads. People do things like cauliflower rice, courgetti spaghetti, ideas that psychologically give you the impression of a big serving while being mostly vegetables. The idea that I found worked really well was lettuce wraps. Make a healthy quorn/chicken stir fry with nice veg, a small amount of rice (25g uncooked) and spoon a bit of each onto baby gem lettuce leaves, wrap and eat. You get through a lot of lettuce that way and do end up feeling fuller. Google 'lettuce wraps' for more ideas. Lowcal is right though that you also do just have to become accustomed to simply eating less, eventually...


Hello 😊 That was me a year ago! I always ate healthily and could not understand why I kept getting bigger, the answer was portion size. 😕

The good news is that you are half way there, eating the right things, but perhaps need to weigh everything more carefully, especially calorie dense meat and carbohydrates 😕

I have 25 g porrige for breakfast (with mashed banana - who knew it tastes so good?) lunch is two small eggs or ham or similar,  with two small slices wholemeal bread (50 g max) and salad and piece of fruit.  dinner is a similar quantity of potatoes/rice etc with about 100g chicken or fish and veg. 

I fill up on hot drinks/vegetable soup etc. 😊

These quantities are for my size/BMR etc so yours may be different, but weighing food seems to be the key 😊 Good luck! 


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