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Writing last week off (and it was only week 2!!)

After an excellent Saturday last week - (nothing to do with a good eating plan) but which ended in a disastrous injury (now recovered) and my sons 8th Birthday on Thursday (with parties right through Thursday, Friday and again today) I have decided that with no exercise and not sticking to any sort of plan really, that week 2 can be written off!!!

I have not weighed in  today, there was no change on the measurements (up or down thank goodness) and as I am working on inches lost rather than llbs off I decided it just wasn't worth knowing my weight this week. 

The next party ends with pizza/dough balls/cheese sticks and cake today at 2pm - but I have got myself a tonne of salad sticks at the ready and I WILL not buckle!!

Off to the dogs tonight and have chosen to be the driver so no drinking either. I think if I can do a good weekend, it'll set me up for the rest of the week. 

SO for the 100th time, off I go again!!

keeping positive, especially as I can exercise again this week - going to hit that 150 minutes of exercise target - that's my challenge.

Good luck all.


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The main thing is that you are seeing this "healthy eating" as a way of life, not just a means to an end.  Hope you have a better week ahead!


Enjoy the parties, they sound like fun!! My first 2 weeks on the 12 week plan were disastrous.  It was like I was just having a play with it to see what it was like, but I didn't really stick to it.  Then in the 3rd and 4th weeks I started to get into more of a routine and it got easier. I feel like this first attempt has been a dress rehearsal and when I get to the end I am going to do it all over   again and do it properly.  Work in progress....  

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Goodluck, you've got this.


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