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Hubby bought snacks :(

My hubby brought home some low cal popcorn last night. I know he was trying to help by buying the low cal. I explained that it was only a percentage of the bag. Low and behold at bedtime i had eaten the whole bag 368 cals later and a cookie! Arggghhh where is my willpower. I was going to measure out the portion sizes but just kept munching. Been good all week and feel like i have set myself back :(

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Perhaps you need to take up knitting - to keep those restless fingers busy! 

Don't feel too bad - I went over by 300 cals yesterday, and all on "good" things like banana, apple and a handful of cereal. 

It is a lifetime habit we are training for, and we can soon burn off some of those extra calories - run up and down the stairs a few extra times, or march them off up a long steep hill somewhere - that is what I plan to do later today!


I do this too... Still better than eating a whole bag of crisps at least! I agree knitting is quite good at keeping fingers busy. I also find sticking the bag in a different room (and not the kitchen) helps too. Put it in a hall cupboard maybe?

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I know how you feel. My husband is a 'feeder'. He is a chef and as a middle child he got his parents attention through food. Now it is his answer to every problem/situation. If I want a 'cheat' I don't have the will power to go to the shops and buy one thing so I tried sending him. He came back with 8 bars of chocolate (I promptly ate them all). We talked about it and I thought he got it then a couple of weeks later I asked him to go again and he came back with one bar. A giant bar of cadburys caramel. It was bigger than all 8 bars together. I have to throw away half of everything he cooks as he just can't get his head around portion sizes. I don't want to complain too much as he's been really supportive but it does make it a lot harder.


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