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I'm new here. Have tried every diet under the sun and really want to be successful this time! Here's hoping x

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I'm the same lost count with how many I've tryed they tend to work for a bit but then the weight goes back on quicker than I lost it lol good luck though this is my 4th day and it's tough but only as I'm so used to snacking and more calories x

Thats my so used to eating whenever i feel peckish and not thinking about the calories at all. 

Me too!

Oh god me too I'm a nightmear every day there's sweets and cakes at work or someone's baking and I hate being left of so alway nibbling, over the last week I have found that tracking all my food has helpped xx

DartmoorDumplingSuper Trier

It sounds as if you must be an expert in calorie counting by now....why not put all your previous experience to good use? 

Allow yourself enough calories each day so you don't "rebound" by being too strict.  I find keeping to 1400 works well, although I go over some days - but try and up the activity on those days to compensate.  I include doing housework and dogwalking when calculating my exercise.

Use this forum for inspiration and also to divert you when you are feeling peckish!  Good luck!

Thanks, my hubby going to do it too so hopefully this time it'll work x


Great advice there from DD 😊  There are loads of challenges too that you can join on here 😊 Good luck!

Well, as you say, all diets work when we follow them.  The trick is just to keep doing them long enough.  The dangers when both of you are doing it are that he will tend to lose faster than you (or the garage shop and Greggs are calling!); you might want to gang up with each other and cheat together (because then it doesn't count!); if one of you cheats, they might bring in a temptation for the other to make up for it; and finally, we cannot eat as many kcals as they can, so our plates always look emptier unless you fill them up with veg.  It took me to this last time to recognise that two twenty stone men could have bigger portions than me and it was stupid of me not to realise they could follow the diet, have extra treats and the odd drink and still lose more than I did.  But I stayed on it and have lost my surplus.  They are both starting again, but for real this time.  It is the dieter that keeps going when she isn't losing enough, that gets to goal.  Sometimes our bodies take longer to get the message than our heads!  Good luck with that first week.  Hope you find lots of new meals and food combinations that you really enjoy.  

Louorf in reply to Venusflytrap

Also how do I get to look at recipes please? It's nice to try different things and I think it'll keep me on the straight and narrow 😀

Venusflytrap in reply to Louorf

If you go to the top of this page there are some links on the right hand side in boxes.  Have a look at the Newbies one, it will give you all sorts of ideas.  The BBC food website has lots of ideas too.  Try this link

Thanks for that, I think the support on here is going to keep me going x

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