Feeling Happy :-)

Hi, I was feeling down because I didn't notice a difference in my body but this morning I woke up & after putting on my jeans realised they have loosened. Yaay!! Might have something to do with the 100 stomach crunches i did yesterday! Part of the wake up exercise class on the nhs website. Was extremely hard. I can really feel it! I'm soo happy the exercise is finally paying off & thought I would share this with you. Needed to offload! Thanks for the support :-) 

For those of you who are unmotivated or feeling like its not working don't give up. Have a good day x


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6 Replies

  • Wow, 100 stomach crunches - makes me feel tired thinking about it!  Do you do circuit training to exercise the rest of your body too?  Well done for putting in all that effort!

  • Thanx it was really hard but worth it. No I do other exercises from the NHS website. The 10 min ones or the aerobic class. What is circuit training? 

  • Circuit training - Basically a series of different exercises, so you might do 10 stomach crunches, 10 arm presses, 10 leg lifts, 10 star-jumps and back to the start again, so as each part tires, you move on to another part and get an all-over benefit.  You can change the routine to keep it interesting. 

    (Nowadays I stick to hill-walking but I used to go to a gym a few years back)!

  • Ohh that sounds good. I might try that out thanx :-) 

  • Well done you 😀 

    If you try you will succeed!! 100 tummy crunches  (ouch) with definitely make a difference.

    It's lovely when you go up another belt buckle or clothes get looser all that effort is paying off.

    Good luck.

    Claire x 

  • Thanx :-) yeah it is xx

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