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Two yays and a Boo

The first Yay - My regular hairdresser has just returned from maternity leave (adorable little girl) so had not seen me for a while.  Her greeting was 'Oh you have lost some weight!'  Did I mention I love this girl to bits?   

The second Yay - a lovely rest-of the-day with some friends - a wander in National Trust garden and woodland.  They too were pleased to hear I have lost 6 pounds since Christmas.  

The Boo?  When we stopped for a last cup of tea I still felt replete from my late lunch of a delicious vegetable pot meal.  So said an airy 'no thanks' to cake.  Then they went off to do the order and brought a slice for me.  Lovely friends but wrong way to show it.  We laughed together and I had a little corner cut from each piece as a sample, then they polished off the rest.  So damage limitation and no hurt feelings.  

Good wishes to everyone for a good day.

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I think you handled it very well.

I would have said "No thank you, I don't. You can eat it". Another approach for some would be to have some in place of healthy carbs provided it happens very rarely.


Well done on your restraint 😀 I hope those corners tasted yummy. 

And hope you tipped your lovely hairdresser !?! Isn't it lovely to get a compliment, really spurs you on.

Onwards and downwards to the next 6lbs.

Claire x

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Thanks Clare.  And I hope your own efforts are going well too.  

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Hi Sheila, I'm following the nhs12wk plan to try and change eating and exercise habits for life. I've had a good start i am in wk 8 and ive lost a stone 😀 

Keep on going it definitely works x

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Great progress.  You have certainly done well.  I'm going to start back on the plan straight after my holiday.  I shall be careful whilst away so as to minimise the damage!   


Hope you have a lovely hols 😀


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