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I'm new here, but not to dieting!

Hi all

I'm new to the page, but certainly not to slimming-been on every diet going over the years I think and have always managed to get to a reasonable weight loss, then it creeps back etc. Yo yo dieting from the age of 16 I think-but this time it's different. Recently diagnosed with fibro and ME I'm finding the lack of movement, no energy and medication is making this time around an absolute losing battle! Anyone have any ideas, apart from sewing my mouth up, of how to speed it up a bit-I can't afford classes as I've had to give up work due to illness and I've lost a bit self worth too. Any suggestions will be greatly received 

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Hi annette_D you've came to the right place, i to have fibru etc and limited mobility but I've still managed to lose 25lb if i can do it anybody can lol i look at it as a lifestyle change not a diet. I'm sure you will get lots of helpful advice on here, i use the myfitnesspal app it helps me with my daily diary and calorie control good luck 😁👍onwards and downwar9


Hi Annette_D I have fibro and other health issues and understand the pain and fatigue. It depends how bad your days are as to how much you can do. I couldn't cook or walk in the early days but medication has sorted me out and I can do gentle gym stuff and slow jogging now.

What does your gp recommend about exercise? Can you get physio? (I couldn't but you might).

The NHS 12 week plan is a good place to start, well it's working for me. Plan your food ahead so the days coming up are orgainised as much as you can and make some simple long-term swaps of  sugary snacks for healthy ones...it should help your symptoms to eat healthy too. As Rosie-2015 says it's lifestyle changes that are important, pethaps especially so when you're ill.

Finally, NEVER doubt your self-worth or let your illness define you. You are so much more than these crappy diseases. Remember who you are and find activities that you can enjoy within your limits AND get sleep when you can!

I wish you good luck on your new journey, may it be successful 😊xx


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