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Having a bit of a blip

Hi :)

I've been gradually losing weight and have managed to lose 6lb, though still need to lose 8lb to reach my first goal of hitting the 'overweight' range and leaving obeseness behind me. 

I've just had a few days in London, where my diet was forgotten, and since returning feel a bit unmotivated.  Once I see the weight coming off again I know that will motivate me but  any motivational tips would be appreciated.

Thanks :) 

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Just think how great you will feel to be out of the obese range , that is my own goal just now and sometimes I feel will never get there as it will be a while , so keep going and anticipate the celebration of getting into overweight range .


Hi Muse79,

Great that you've been gradually loseing weight and managed to lose 6 pounds, that's a great start.  It can be tough when you change your routine, and coming back from any break can be a bit challenging to get back to a routine again.  I hope you enjoyed your break in London - I love that city.

Have you read our Welcome Newbie thread, as it is quite a motivating read - lots of tips from members of the forum.  Here's a link, incase you'd like to have a read through:


Have a great week.

Lowcal :-)

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I hate labels like "Obese" and "Overweight" - we are all different and have our own healthy weights.  However, once you have decided on your own healthy weight, (and this should be a weight that you can maintain longterm, and have energy, and feel well at), ...then you need to make your mind up that that is where you are going to be, and then just do it. 

Motivation can come in different shapes and sizes; when I was younger, I wanted to be light enough to ride an Arab Horse instead of the heavyweight Shire crosses I was always given when I went riding!  You might want to wear a glamorous dress, or go hang-gliding, or run a half-marathon - you need to pin down what the advantages to you personally are of being the correct and healthy weight for your height. 

Write a list and pin them on the fridge .....and come back here and read lots of other people's inspiring posts too.  Hope you get your mojo back and we look forward to hearing how you are doing.


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