Do I settle?

As a few of you are aware, I'm struggling to lose the final bit of weight, in my maintence journey, the trouble is that my hormones frequently make this very tough, despite all the normal weight loss stuff.

Given that I'm almost there, do I cease to lose ?   My long term view hormone wise is that after 8 years, I just have to manage the journey, and not think of its end......, after all expectations are a dangerous thing.


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11 Replies

  • I think whatever weight you end up at, there's a certain amount of settling. There's no perfect weight or size where anyone feels 100% happy with everything. So yes settling is maybe a good way to describe it, and not in a negative way? If that makes sense? I'm curious that you describe this as a maintenance phase yet you still aim to lose a bit more. I think maintaining is hard enough without adding the expectation to lose more weight. Maybe decide for sure whether you're maintaining or losing and just do one or the other? And remember how much you've achieved to get to this point 😊

  • Hi Diana,

    I guess it all depends on how you feel - i.e. how do you feel at your current weight - does it feel 'right' for you, or do you think losing those final few pounds will make a difference that is worth pursuing?  I suspect that only you can make that decision.  

    As you know, I've been within my healthy BMI for quite some time now, but trying to lose a remaining few pounds, to my own personal goal within the healthy BMI, and I think if I don't manage it by the end of the year than I will 'settle' for the weight I am now, and choose a maintenance range to remain within.  But I'm going to give myself continued pushes to try to achieve it between now and then, and I have to say that progress is beginning to happen at last.  I nearly gave up at the end of last year, but having the support of everyone in the forum helped to sustain me and push me forwards.

    But essentially, I don't think my life is going to be somehow 'better' for losing those final few pounds, it's more a sense that I set myself a goal and would like to achieve it.  Sometimes I question that, but currently I am keen to achieve it.  It's just a personal decision, and I know I can alter this if I choose to.  That's a freedom that is great to have.  Personal choice.

    I know you struggle with issues of bloating relating to your hormones, and that must be an added dilemma as there is often little control over such things.

    I would therefore reflect the dilemma back to you - how are YOU feeling about it all? - do you want to keep pursuing your goal?, or are you content with your current progress and weight now?  Maybe list the pros and cons of continuing to pursue it versus stopping it - and then consider which list is most meaningful to you.

    Good luck!

    Lowcal :-)

  • I know I'm reasonably happy where I am now, ideally I want 10st  4, and I'm a few pounds  away, seems almost impossible to achieve, I just want to able to lose when I choose, not when my body lets me!

    And yes I'd like this health/ hormone phase over, it's effects are annoying/ uncomfortable too

  • Could you have a break for a while and see how you feel? Like others have said it depends how you feel with yourself as you are now 😕 It seems like you have a lot if other stuff going on too, maybe just be kind to yourself and have a little break 😊

    Best wishes whatever you decide 😊

  • Thank you everyone, I guess the answer is that I gained 4lbs, and lost 2lbs, my weight does seem to vary yesterday was 10st 6 and today 10st 8 1/4, so the average must be in the middle.  And to be truthful I just want to go back to 10 st 4!

    I'm coming to terms with the fact I can't lose like I used to, and it annoys me, and as Lowcal says, it's not just the bloating, plus general menopause upset, aches, feeling a bit flushed and it going so ongoing ( 8 years on), I just want it all over now

  • If it is any consolation, the hormones will all begin to settle a bit.  Having reached 60, hot flushes have greatly diminished; it is now just a difficulty in deciding whether I am hot or cold - and knowing what to wear.  Drinking coffee still makes me hot, and spicy food too, but don't get night sweats any more.  No longer getting aches and pains.  Body shape is definitely more barrel shaped and chin a bit fuzzy but moods are more balanced - and it is so lovely to say goodbye to the monthly mood-swings, chocolate cravings and bellyache!  My suggestions are to avoid wheat based foods and eat more soya based foods.  Chew on pumpkin seeds and dried fruit, drink herbal or fruit teas.  Life will feel better soon!

  • Thank you for your reply, i know soy based foods won't help, ( I'm a true O, blood type), of that I'm fairly sure, my shape is ok, no facial hair as yet........I'm a bit hot at night sometimes , and often it's dearest cat sitting on me, bless her!

    It's the bloating and aches that get to me, I'm trying to be more upbeat, it could all be so much worse

  • You have done so well. However, if you can't still decide, why don't you set yourself a deadline of a month and go all out to lose the last few pounds. If you reach your goal then great but, if it just won't shift then maybe your body is telling you that's where you need to be weight wise. You can then be a maintainer and hold your head up high!

    Congratulations again,

    Merrymanda :)

  • Thank you I'm just outside normal bmi guides, after all that is what they are, glad my weight is where it is now tho.

    I tend to have phases hormonal wise and that's when I lose,I'm sure you hints will calm down or I hope so soon

  • I agree with some of what has been said already; take this opportunity to get used to maintaining, and enjoy your new lifestyle. Then if you decide to, give it another go in a month or so, when you're ready.

  • Thanks, had a re think today, been under estimating my calories and just switched toa light graze box, ( was having a more calorific nut box), so it's just being more careful from now on, and to keep feeling as good as I can too

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