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Good morning all

I started my diet on Saturday and have lost 3 and a half pounds. I was trying to do the calorie counting but didn't do it properly so was really guess work. Lou told me how to use the nutracheck app properly and I am surprised as to how much more I could eat by calorie counting plus I'm eating a lot more healthy too 😀

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Great work Crazykat! 😀

Crazykat67 in reply to asics

Thank you Asics😀


Great news 😊 Eating healthy, eating more AND losing weight 😊

Well done!

Thank you very much Anna 😊


Well done Kat, now we are on the first step of a very long ladder but we will get there.

Thank you Lou....a very long journey ahead of us but like you said we will do this 😊

Hidden1 stone

Yay, go you! That's great 😉

Crazykat67 in reply to Hidden

Thank you very much 😀

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Crazykat67,

Wow, you've lost 3.5 pounds, and it's not even a full week yet, that is a really great start.  Well done!  :-)  Great that Lou helped you out with the Nutracheck app - great that you're enjoying your week and eating healthily.

Wishing you a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

Crazykat67 in reply to Zest

Thank you very much 😊...I'm finding it hard to use up all of my calories though 

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