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One week into my weight-loss journey-2lb lost

Hello again, you might remember that last monday I joined this forum since I want to lose some weight so that I can drop from a size 16 to a size 12. 

Last week I set myself some aims that I wanted to complete which were:

1) Start running 3 times a week again 

2) Eat healthy breakfasts 

3) Get weighed and measured at the GP so that I can track my weight loss 

4) Join My Fitness Pal  

5) Start regulating my unhealthy snacking to the weekend

which I have so far been successful with so yay!!! 

I think the most surprising thing for me was how few cravings for snacks I got. When I did get those hunger pangs I made sure to wait for 20mins to see if they went and most of the time they did or if they didn't then I'd check the time to see if it was time for another meal. If it wasn't a meal time then I snacked on kallo rice cakes or fruit and that did the trick. Even during the weekend I didn't feel the need to snack even though those were my allocated "treat days". 

I've also been dutifully logging my food and exercise in MFP and again I am surprised at how easy it is to stay under my daily calorie amount. My name is cocoaafro for anyone else who uses MFP I'd love to be friends :)

I have to admit that what is tripping me up is my sugar intake. I've gone slightly over twice and that was because on those days I allowed myself to have a cup of hot chocolate at home before bed. But no more of that, this week I am getting a bit stricter with myself and hot chocolate is getting allocated to the weekend as well as a treat. 

So this week I will be continuing some of my goals from last week:

1) run three times a week

2) eat healthy breakfasts

3) regulate unhealthy snacking to the weekend (inc. hot chocolate)

And I will also be adding some more:

4) regulate processed food (e.g. frozen food) to weekend

5) buy measuring tape (for added precision) 

6) post weekly in the monday group weigh-in 

Here's to another great week everyone!

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Well done you and what great preparations you are making! It was my first week too (as you know) and I just managed the 2 pound weight loss - delighted considering I was pretty naughty over three days of the weekend. Next weekend I will try to make it only a 2 day weekend!


Hi try taking organic coconut oil it has helped me  drinking lots of water helps too i started at 16st 2lb im now down to 11st 9 lb havent been this weight for 35 yrs so must be working for me x


Hi Afro-girl,

Another great post!  All your goals clearly set out.  

Here's to another great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


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