Diet and IBS

Hi Everybody, 

I found this helpful and nice forum so I decided to try it.

In past I never had problem with weight gain, I wasn't really skinny, but for my height I was fine and healthy.

2 years ago I suffered a knee injury in the gym, and as a result of that I had to leave my job (really frenetic coffee shop manager job, running around for 12 hours per day).

After 2 years I'm still under treatment for that leg, I couldn't to exercise, if not physio, I work in office and I gained 2 stones! In the last year it came out that I have IBS too!

I'm still under checks if there is something else involved with the IBS as I get really swollen sometimes.

All this is to know if any of you went through a diet with the IBS as I really struggle, I'm not able to lose anything and I really feel down.

Thank you for any reply in advance!


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11 Replies

  • Hi ArcherV,

    Welcome to the forum.  I'd like to give you a few link pages that might be helpful:

    NHS Choices link page for IBS:

    NHS Weight Loss 12 week plan:

    Welcome Newbie post (collated by moreless :

    I hope you'll enjoy being part of our community, and please do join in with anything that you would like to participate in.  

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you!

  • Hi ArcherV, I suffer with IBS, I've had it many years and I must admit when I am eating healthily my flare ups seem to be less often! I'm afraid its trial and error with certain foods - I can eat fruit and veg which is good and lean meat but I can't tolerate some wholemeal and bran! I can't eat cream and some cheeses as they make me vomit! But everyone's different.

    Do fruit and veg make you feel bloated? I sympathize with you its a difficult medical condition, just try to eat as natural a diet as poss and cut out all the rubbish! I'm managing to lose weight slowly, good luck 😊

  • Thank you!

    I still don't know which kind of foods makes me feel bad honestly, it's really all so confusing! I've started today to eat healthy and avoid not soluble fiber, and other recommended foods to remove from my diet.

    let's see how it goes!

  • It's so hard because some foods which make one person ill with IBS won't affect someone else! It's taken me years to cut out all the foods that affect me! I sincerely hope you manage to find a diet that helps you lose the weight! Also try to relax as stress tends to make me worse! 😕

  • I know, I will probably sign to a yoga class.

    Thank you!

  • I have ibs and enjoy barenaked noodles and rice low cals, low carbs and have no problems.

    I have also found that eating sourdough bread or rolls only when really want bread is good has well, the slow fermentation reduces the gluten.  

    Myfitnesspal is a good app, if you check you will find many use that on here. Helps you keep in your daily cal allowance.

    Good luck


  • Thanks! I used myfitnesspal for 4 years now, the only thing is that I cannot get any weight down, I weight myself this morning and I'm 93kg (182cm tall),

    I've never been so "big", and this, seriously, get my humor really down.

    Hopefully to solve this thing someway!

  • Perhaps try keeping a food diary to see if you can pinpoint the foods that are a problem. You could also have a look at the FODMAPS diet, as it does help some people with IBS.

  • Thanks! I would really like to start this, but I prefer to wait for my gastroenterology appointment, the fact that I still have to wait middle may drivers me mental ahah

  • Good luck Archer, I hope your gastro is helpful. Hopefully you won't have problems with all high Fodmaps foods. 

    Sometimes you have to become your own food detective! I have found that too much high fructose fruit upsets my insides. Taking probiotics can also be useful for gut health.

    Cutting out wheat and dairy can be helpful in sorting out digestive problems for some people, and for losing weight. 

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