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Need a miracle

Hi all I'm Dee , 40 years old.

I'm really stuggling with staying on track with my eating I start off well but loose motivation due to depression and anxiety. 

What would be helpful for anyone who's being in the same situation to give me hints and tips. 

I'm ok with exercise once I get my foot out of the door I can walk up to 8mile and signed myself up to do a charity walk of 25mile I would like some help with eating habits and any inspiration will be a great help. Thanks in advance 

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I weigh 13stone 10 😞


Hi Dee.  I know its really hard to keep up the motivation when you want to lose weight.  I guess I try to keep in mind what I would prefer to look and feel like and as much as possible keep within my daily calorie limit and exercise as much as I can.  I believe its all about lifestyle change not a quick fix. I am trying to find swaps to the things I like to eat. So instead of eating chocolate biscuits I now enjoy caramel rice cakes.  I have swapped to lighter/lower fat cheese and have cut out all bread/butter with my dinner. Slowly but surely you will get there.  If you have a bad day don't give up just try and get back on track the next day.  Well done for signing up for a charity walk I am sure all the training will help with the weight loss and also get you out in the fresh air and hopefully sunshine.  I have found everyone on this forum to be so helpful and supportive, I hope you find it helps too. Good luck.

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Hi DeeReed,

Welcome to the forum!  I'm rushing a bit now, as I'm just dashing off, but I wanted to give you a link to the Welcome Newbie post, before I go - as it's really helpful and has lots of information about things people have found helpful in the forum:


Please do join in anything you want to, and I hope you'll have a great week.

Hope to catch up with you in the forum, and sorry I'm rushing off now.

Have a great week.

Lowcal :-)


Hi Dee - don't be disheartened :(  I am also 40 and weigh not much less than you (13st 2).  I am a firm believer that nutrition holds the key to helping with mental health issues.  One of the main reasons I am looking to change my habits is to help control my anxiety.  I get panic attacks and after careful tracking of when and where they happen I can link them all to times when my eating/drinking was not under control.

I know it seems like a ever-deceasing circle, but I am certain that as you begin to regain control so the depression and anxiety will lessen and hence make it easier each week.  As well as the NHS 12 week plan I am following a mindfulness course.  There are lots out there but I am using this one:


Keep posting :)



Thank you X going to take a look at the mindfulness course x


Hi DeeReed,  It is 20 years since I was 40 and I have been losing weight since January and am still 5lbs heavier than you - so you have a head start on me!  

40 is a horrible age as there are so many life changes - the kids leave home, (and in my case the husband left home), the boss at work is suddenly younger than you are and you have to rethink your future.

Having said that, at 60, I am now much happier with a new partner of 10 years, feel much healthier & more level-headed having got past the dreaded menopause, in a better job (self-employed) and have reconciled myself to a different future to that I imagined aged 30 or so.

So - get a piece of paper; write down what is good, what is bad, what you can change to improve your life.  Your weight is the easiest one to change - once you are of a mind to do it, and sometimes the confidence that comes from taking control can improve lots of other aspects of your life too!  Good luck .....& just plan one day at time.  You can do it!


Thank you so much , will take your advice new day tomorrow. X

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