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Newbie seeking tips!


Hi all, I'm 32 years old and as of 01 January I was 23 and a half stone. I've managed to lose 2 and a half stone since 19 January by eating better and exercising. I have no problem with exercising, I have a personal trainer helping me out who I have at least 3 sessions a week with and I do at least 3 hours of cardio on top of that plus swimming. My massive problem is the food side. I have a lifetime of bad habits I'm trying to kick, I've given up fizzy drinks and only drink water, but I really don't like any fruit and struggle cooking for myself (it's just me). I previously lost 5 stone in 8 months, but put it all back on and now I'm trying again. I guess what I'm looking for is support and other people's experiences of undergoing a huge lifestyle change and any advice you can give me. I'm starting to struggle now and my friends and family are not that helpful. Thanks in advance!

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I live on my own too, cook two portions of stuff, fridge or freeze a portion, don't over eat, weigh and measure ingredients for recipes ( digital is best).

Choose loads of veg, if you dislike fruit, I love both, buy portion packs of say cheese, gone back to cheese slices easier, easier to count calories

Wow what an amazing amount of weight to loose in such a short time! You are doing so well. I am overweight but I'm struggling to get motivated to loose anything at the mo. I lost just over a stone on the weight watchers diet a couple of years ago but put it back on and more and I'm so not motivated but I've got thyroid problems which are real holding me back from doing what I really want to do. It's so frustrating.

I have no advice to give you other than saying good luck and well done on what you have achieved so far 😄😄

Hi Darth,

First of all well done on losing that two and a half stone - obviously you are doing things right. It sounds like it is the support and motivation you want and you will get it on this forum. As for the fruit then do not worry too much, like Diana has suggested, eat lots of good vegetables and keep some cut up to snack on to go with a small piece of cheese. It is not just the fizzy drinks you need to give up but all other things containing added sugar but I am sure you know all of this.

I have been eating healthier since 11th Jan and lost 2 stones, I still have another 2 to go and at times i felt like going off of the rails but this group helps you to stay on track so join us and let us help you through to losing the weight and to maintain a healthy lifestyle - Good luck :-) 

Hi davies, I love cooking, however some friends of mine don't have enough time and cook for the next week on a sanday. plus try to dip veg in cheese, for example philadelphia light only contains 100Kcal for 80g whic is a lot. swap crisp with banana chip and if you don't like fruits try nuts or just eat more veg and beens.

plus reward yourself, if you can't help eating junk food, just take a day off, like sunday, to eat whatever you want.

Going by what I've experienced so far my two eating tips are 1) when you want a snack make a hot drink instead and 2) if there is a high fibre option, pluck for that. :-) 

I might be wrong, but my opinion is people dislike fruits is because the supermarket fruits are taste-and textureless. Try to get some quality fruit from a local market, where fruit is third of the price and so tasty! 

Good luck! 

wow you need support? You sound like you are doing well by yourself 2/1/2 stone that's great ...


I find single meals can be fun one to critise your cooking or food combinations ...



Well done on what you have achieved so far, you are doing amazingly well!! 

Two things that work for me are firstly, having enough to eat!! And eating the best value times calorie wise, for example, a packet of crisps orf a whole meal salad sandwich, similar calories but which has the most "fill-me-up-ness" 

Secondly, create good habit 😊 Learn how to judge calorie content by eye so you can stick to,plan ALWAYS. By the sounds of it you are already doing the third thing which is exercise, so that as you burn fat you also create muscle to replace it. 

You are well on the way to a permanent new you, good luck! 

I suggest sugar free jellies, just water and essential bits of collagen but you think you are eating something because its solid.  Make a load in lots of little pots in the fridge to stop temptation.  Eat tuna and pickled veg, my fav is beetroot and also pickled cauliflower.  Fruit is not essential.

Ask your trainer about resistant starch, they will know all about it, it may be a long term solution for you to minimise food intake long term.

Above all you have to condition you tummy to accept less food.  Hunger is a state of mind because in reality (unless you are diabetic or have another insulin over producing disease) you have enough stored food (fat) to keep your body going for months if not a year.  All you really need is supplements and food to keep your gut working.  Our bodies are very good at regulating blood sugar, without us eating anything.

Get you mind on the chant 'my body does not need extra food'  enjoy feeling a bit hungry and have a drink and a jelly, then pat yourself on the back, do a happy dance and wallow in feeling self righteous and smug.  Nothing wrong with taking control of your body, so do it, you know you can ;)

Good luck :)

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Yes the key is to enjoy feeling a bit hungry. Very well said :)

DartmoorDumplingSuper Trier

You might find that when in the house on your own, that little devil on your shoulder will tell you to go raid the left-overs or nibble naughty snacks.  You need a strategy to shut that bossy little fella up who keeps persuading you to snack...!  

1. Start by planning ahead if you can - work out what you are going to eat and when.

2. Then look at the times of day when you know you might weaken and plan to be elsewhere - out of range of all food sources.  A walk in the country, gardening, clean the car - even working on the computer reading other folks success stories, just override that little gremlin and make sure you are busy!

3. Look into new interests that might distract you from your old habits; join an evening class, take on an allotment to grow veg, volunteer to walk a neighbour's dog, drive old folk to their hospital appointments, take up photography...whatever floats your boat as they say.

4. Let us know how you are doing! 

We are all struggling with our own personal little gremlin, mine is currently gagged and tied up whilst I write to you - my snacking urge having been satisfied with a mug of weak hot chocolate.  All the best!


Hi Darth - would you be interested in joining the 20,000 leagues under the sea challenge? Great for motivation :)

Hi, I've read some of the advice so here's my pennyworth. You've done well but don't rush it give your system time to adjust to what is a big loss. Tread water for a bit think of it as maintenance not an excuse to hate yourself by indulging. With all the exercise you're doing you'll drop pounds steadily anyway I should think. I know so many people who have lost a lot of weight very quickly and piled it all back on with all sorts of dire consequences, that is not the answer. You've a lot of life ahead of you it's worth sorting yourself out in the most healthy way.  I keep little snack boxes of raisins and have one occasionally but failing that, how about a teaspoonful of honey or jam on a slice of bread for those desperate moments.

I live alone too and cook in batches and freeze stuff. I use a lot of mince ( turkey is good ) and jack it up with chick peas and loads of fresh veg. I've also discovered in Sainsburys, little 100 g pots of red pepper and goat's cheese tapenade under their own label, there's tomato as well. It is very tasty too. 20 cals per 25g serving so you're  not exactly throwing caution to the winds if you eat half a pot. It's good advice to take up another interest too. I walk, a mile is my max at the moment, but always take a sketch book or a camera with me and at this time of the year the outdoors is changing so fast it is good to record it.

I'm no model loser, I've spent my life dieting starting when I was at school. I'm 50 years older than you, yes five oh, but that doesn't stop me ( much )  and I have a lot to lose so, very good luck, you have youth on your side. Don't go at it  like a bull at a gate. Keep us posted.

Well you are doing much better than I am since Christmas.  But as someone who has lost their weight and is now trying to learn to balance at goal, it never gets easier.  So it is worth having habits that support us rather than ones that sabotage.  You are cooking for yourself.  So do not buy the food that you shouldn't have in the house.  It makes shopping quicker, so many aisles you can ignore!  Count your blessings if you don't like fruit.  It does hardly anything for us that veg doesn't do too and for less kcal. So forget it.  I would recommend that you take one multi-vitamin/multi-mineral tablet once a day, just to protect yourself while you are eating less.  All the supermarkets do their own brands.  Food wise, I load up on eggs as an omelette or scrambled egg is one of the fastest hot meals ever.  I also stock up on cold meats because I can use it with salads or to top a stir fry, or add it into a soup.  I also have my favourite canned meats and fishes, as they make a great standby along with canned beans, and not just the baked bean variety!  Frozen veg are already prepared for you, so they don't include waste, and are really quick to use.  Again, make a good standby.  Have a look at the onion, chopped peppers as well as your previous favourites.  You might like some fruits. If it is cooked, it is more like desserts!  Again frozen and canned can be helpful here.  Try microwaving some blueberries before adding them to porridge.  Or canned apple doesn't even have juice added.  Topped with a little toasted (in a pan) oats and nuts it would make you a crumble.  You can top it with yog, perhaps with a little powdered sweetner and vanilla stirred through.  Hope you find a couple of ideas that help.  Good luck with your continued journey to health and fitness.  

I feel for you, but at least you have age on your side, I am 56 and I lost almost 5 stone at WW last year but have gained it all back plus more in a very short time, I dare not get on the scales to check!

I am a lorry driver so sit on my bum all day and have a few medical issues COPD and UC also have depression and anxiety, so food is my turn to pacifier.

But I have made the first step by coming here and need to crack on before it's to late, I must say this forum along with the NHS "One you" looks super and user friendly, My Doctor says I should lose over 10 stone, 6 would make me very happy! Good Luck darthdavies! 

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